Club Policy Documents

Club Policy Documents

All clubs require a number of policies to guide their decisions regarding management of the club and various activities. Our club is no different we will in time have them all available for members and the public to access. A well managed club is transparent in it’s policies and decision making.

Staying Healthy in the Heat

Given the hot Summer weather it is very important that everyone is mindful of the impact on their body and wellbeing especially while undertaking activities such as running. It is essential that runners and walker keep themselves hydrated and avoid the hottest part of the day to protect themselves from exposure to the heat.

Please take care of your self and your fellow runners? Runners and walkers are asked to read the clubs extreme weather policies:

11. AV Unfavourable Weather Policy

12. Harriers Extreme Weather Policy

For more information about the following topics click here Stay Healthy in the Heat:

  • who is most at risk
  • coping with the heat
  • preparing for hot weather
  • symptoms of heat-related illness.

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