Life Memberships

Life Memberships

Our newest life member –

Rick Mann

A life member is recognised as giving outstanding service to the Traralgon Harriers AC over a period of greater than 15 years, including 5 years on the committee of management.

The Traralgon Harriers have recognised the following members as life members of the club. If you haven’t met these people already introduce yourself, they are sure to make you feel very welcome!.

Geoff Duffell, Jim Timmer-Arends, Fay Tomholt, Keith Tomholt, Belinda Heafield, Ian Heafield, Bruce Salisbury, Margaret Salisbury, Laurie Edmondstone, Ian Cornthwaite, Daphne Thompson, Martin Thompson and Rick Mann.

Three of our life members. L to R: Bruce Salisbury, Ian Heafield, Belinda Heafield

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