Club Colours

Club Colours

The Harriers Uniform is based on the colours of the Arthur Liddiard era (New Zealand) and Palmerston North Athletic Club Colours i.e. basic black with a Silver Fern.

The distinctive “T” on the original uniform also originates from St. Paul’s Catholic College (now Lavalla).  This “T” also featured on the white Traralgon Amateur Athletic Club uniform.  The black uniform was adapted from New Zealand’s National uniform.

Track and Field

The Traralgon Harriers had a strong recruitment campaign and it wasn’t long before they became the strongest club in Gippsland (and sometimes country Victoria)… the Harriers competed in the Victorian Track and Field Championships and Victorian All Schools Cross-Country Championships.

World 24 Hour Relay Record

The Traralgon Harriers conducted the Athletic Club 24 hour relay in March 1969 where they set a world record of 323 Miles 386 Yards which is still held today (Ron Clark signed the certificates of merit).

The 24 hour relay was held opposite the Outdoor Swimming Pool run on the flat part of the center medium strip in Kay Street.  It was shared with approx. 60 people (all were recognised) and were issued Certificates…same as the one given to Keith Tomholt.

Refer to APPENDIX 1 – World 24 Hour Relay Record video footage.  Participants were Martin and Leigh Thompson, Richard Jeffery, Bruce Inglis, Keith Tomholt and others.

Figure 4 Traralgon Harriers’ 24 Hour Relay World Record

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