Foundation and Early Members

Foundation and Early Members

Foundation members:

Chris Collins, Wally Phillips, Martin Thompson, Leigh Thompson and John Turpin were founding members of Traralgon Harriers Amateur Club.

Early members:

Robert Wood, Garry Henry, Robert Cooper, Scott Rae, Keith Tomholt, Bruce Inglis, John Pollard, Ian Cummings, Juris Puce were some who joined in the club’s early years, later Richard Jeffrey was recruited.

Rex Perkins and Swaggy (Geoff) Wilson joined following the demise of Traralgon Amateur Athletic Club (TAAC).

Club Moto – Omnia Abiecta Faecii

John Bermingham in 1969 was studying Latin at St Pauls and it was he that translated a very common saying of Barry Thompson’s into Latin.  It didn’t sound so crude in Latin!

The club adopted a badge with an eagle in full flight and those words wrapping around underneath the bird as the club motto.

Original cloth badge featured a Flying Pigeon with the motto in Latin.

Omnia Abiecta Faecii” was the club motto and featured a flying pigeon.

Traralgon Harriers did not approve of club members dropping out of a race.

A brother at St. Paul’s Catholic College provided the Latin.

I understand it to mean “All that drops out is shit”.

Figure 3 1969 Traralgon Harriers Marathon Badge

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