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Stories & Memories

Stories and Memories

Steve Shephard

*2000 KING OF THE MOUNTAIN* – by Steve Shephard, Texas (email that Steve sent to his running club in Texas and forward on to Harriers) Isn’t the Internet great?  I’m sitting in my Houston office thinking it might be nice to get a race in while on our vacation to Australia in preparation for the… Read more »

Barry Higgins

GARRY HENRY RUNS THE SWAGGY WILSON CHAMPIONSHIP   A story for the Junior Harriers A surprise competitor in the Geoff ‘Swaggy’ Wilson run was former Traralgon resident Garry Henry, who as an eleven year old in the mid-sixties started his running career with the Traralgon Harriers. Still running for enjoyment thirty years later, in 1996… Read more »

Carol Summersgill

Traralgon Harriers President 2005, 2006 and 2007 My first encounter with the Traralgon Harriers [T.H.] was when I accompanied my husband (Barry) to a 5km run, as he had been rostered on to do duty.  So one very cold, wet winters’ Thursday night, I did his duty and handed out the positional cards at the… Read more »

Belinda Issell Heafield

Traralgon Harriers President 1996 I have been involved with Traralgon Harriers since 1992, about twenty five years.  I had a marriage breakup and with three young children in tow, I thought that I needed to do something for myself to keep fit and the weight down.  I noticed an ad in the local paper about… Read more »

Anne Wilson

Memories of Harriers One of my fondest memories of the Harriers is of Sunday morning runs from Koornalla.  A small group of distance runners would gather and then individually decide whether to run the 15 or the 21 (this was MILES not Kilometres!).  The group would start together and then peel off to go their… Read more »

Richard Jeffery

Marathon and Running Memories My running days started when I was in my early 20s.  This was in the form of boundary umpiring for the Traralgon Football Club.  I did this because of my interest in football and desire to keep fit.  After giving this away in 1963, I decided to keep fit by running… Read more »

Leigh Thompson

We followed NZ coach Arthur Lydiard’s training methods of 100 mile a week with hills.  At the Rome Olympics he had two gold medallists and a bronze medallist all from the same club. Peter Snell 800m, Murray Halberg 5000m and Barry Magee Marathon Traralgon Harriers and later Traralgon Achilles were formed so that along with… Read more »

Martin Thompson

Excerpts from a letter Martin Thompson sent home in 1976.  This is a recount of the 100 mile event.  Maybe one of the greatest 100 miles of that era. It started at 6.00am in the dark, misty and cold morning of the 25th October at the Tipton Harriers cinder track, outskirts of Birmingham in the… Read more »

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