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Results – Meadow Park Drive – 6km

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Results – Meadow Park Drive – 6km

10th May 2017
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Meadow Park Drive is located opposite Grubb Ave through the green belt just across from the Douglas Parade Clubrooms

Course Marker:
Bob Duljas

Timekeeping and Clubrooms:
Michelle Colwell, Lynda Jones, Ian Heafield

(Intermediate Race 3.3km & Jun Race 1km)

Race Report

The Traralgon Harriers weekly run took off from Meadow Park Drive in Traralgon last Thursday night. With both the annual Gold Coast Marathon and Athletics Victoria Sandown Road Relays being held over the weekend, last week’s run did not deter 32 keen runners from having a trot around the two-lap course amongst the brisk conditions.

The first three home on handicap for the night were three of the most improving and most consistent runners which included Michael Tripodi 22:37, Darrel Cross 23:07 and Biassi Silvestro.

It was also a great run by Glenn Graham who took the victory for the males in a time of 22:31, followed by Michael Tripodi 21:02, and Biassi Silvestro 22:53 to round out the podium.

The top three fastest times for the ladies belonged to Kaye Frost 26:54, followed by Molly Irvine 29:21 and Liz Kenney 30:31, who all have been representing Traralgon at this year’s Athletics Victoria Cross-country season.

Tonight’s run (11th July) is the Park Lane/ Smith Street 5km course, which starts near the Old Service Station on Park Lane, Traralgon.

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6km Run Results:

Michael Tripodi (22:37), Darrel Cross (23:07), Biasi Silvestro (22:53), Kaye Frost (26:54), Tom Irvine (29:22), Michael Walker (29:28), Glenn Graham (22:31), Jason Irvine (31:14), Miles Verschuur (23:58), Ann Bomers (41:19), Kris Vallak (29:29), Clinton Jolly (26:04), Steve McLeod (26:47), Liz Kenney (30:31), Phill Mayer (33:24), Mandy Ellis (38:26), Bryan Cake (28:38), Barry Higgins (38:16), Mick Jackson (32:18), Molly Irvine (29:21), Allison Triggs (39:59), Diana Van Rhine (38:18), Pete Sanders (29:54), Sandra Byrne (38:07), Paul Magyar (38:08), Melanie Riddle (46:43), Belinda Ruff (47:09), Bob Duljas (42:52), David Hood (42:26), Debbie Henry (57:43)

Junior/Training Run Results:

2.89km: Ameli Krafft-Murat (18:36), Edi Murat (18:37)

3.24km: Nicholas Krafft-Murat (26:40), Michelle Colwell (25:20)


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