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In February 2014 the Traralgon Harriers Committee of Management embarked on a detailed planning and development exercise aimed at setting in place a strategic direction and change management process to guide the future structure of the Club and focus its operations over the next five years and beyond.

Read the Traralgon Harriers Strategic Directions Report prepared by insidEdge Sept 2014

Read the Summary of Survey Results prepared by insideEDGE April 2014

While the Harriers boast a strong contingent of committed runners, and a Community Fun Run and Marathon that continue to grow, the Committee of Management have identified a number of gaps in Club operations to work on, in order to ensure we achieve long-term sustainability and create an active membership across all of our activities.

The Committee has engaged sport and leisure planning specialists insideEDGE Sport and Planning to assist in the process and to provide independent advice on what we are doing, how we do it and to offer insight on how we can improve. insideEDGE has worked with many sports and local clubs and have extensive experience in club and sports development and organisational planning.

Project purpose and drivers

The purpose of the project is to review the current and historical operations of the Club and Committee of Management and to identify key initiatives to ensure the Club can increase its volunteer and support network and function effectively and efficiently into the future.

Over recent years with the increase in time and resources required to conduct all the activities of the Club, volunteer resources are being stretched and we have identified that we need to grow the volunteer and support base within and outside the existing club membership.

We also recognise that we need to create greater club ownership over decision making and club governance, as well as develop an aligned member vision for the Club and its programs and activities, and achieve a social and cohesive culture.

These are the key drivers and our desires for this project. We have a great Club and great people and we want to ensure this continues into the future.

Supporting Growth and change

The Traralgon Harriers strategic directions project is focused on using open communication, creating an identity for the Club, developing strong leaders and acting on our values. By doing this and in setting a strategic direction and a vision for the Club that all members can contribute to, we will continue to build on our successes, and be supported by a strong governance model and volunteer base.

The process and timeline for the project is detailed below:

STAGE ONE    Situational Analysis   –  February  to April
STAGE TWO  Consultation and Needs Assessment (Gap Analysis) –  April  to  June
STAGE THREE  Strategy, Recommendations and Action Plan – June  to  July

Who is involved and how do you contribute?

We have commenced the project with the involvement of the existing Club Committee and a group of Club leaders who participated in a workshop with insideEDGE consultants in February.

This leadership group will manage the project and help to guide its direction and outcomes. In addition, all Traralgon Harriers Athletics Club members will be involved through an online survey that will be distributed in April 2014.

This will be a key opportunity for all club members to provide input into the Club’s direction and identify opportunities for our future improvement and your future involvement.

The preliminary results of the online survey will be presented at the AGM on Thursday 24th April so please get along to the AGM to hear how we are going!

The survey will be integral to the process and in understanding how well we are meeting Club Member needs and how they may have changed since our last survey in 2012. The other key objectives are to

  • Better understand the skill base of our members and volunteers, and capacity and desire to be further involved in Club operations
  • Identify the best ways for us to communicate with our members and stakeholders
  • Understand how the Club can support members to achieve their running goals
  • Assist us to first identify where we need to focus our resources, then prioritise them to meet future needs.

Outside of the Club environment, the project consultants will also be talking to our partners, sponsors and stakeholders, including other local Athletics Clubs and Associations, Athletics Victoria, Gippsport and the Latrobe City Council in order to gain an external perspective of the Club, how well we provide for the local community and any gaps in what we offer or how we do things.

In order for the project consultants to help us set our path for the future, we need to understand what is important to our members and our stakeholders.

We are not a closed shop. We want this project to be as open and as honest as possible. The following table provides a project communication schedule and a timeline to ensure everyone is aware of what we are doing, who is involved and when.




Public project update #1 – this document


Club website, Facebook and e-newsletter

Online survey to Club Members


Direct email to Members, Club website and Facebook

Club Annual General Meeting (AGM)

24th April 2014

Club Rooms

Targeted stakeholder interviews


Telephone and email (direct to representatives)

Preliminary Report to Committee and Leadership Group


Written Report

Club Meeting to present Preliminary Report findings


Open Meeting at the Clubrooms

Draft Strategy and Action Plan – review by Leadership Group


Written Report

Public project update #2 – opportunity for open feedback


Club website, Facebook and e-newsletter

Final Strategy and Action Plan


Club website

Complete the MEMBERS SURVEY by 9pm on 20 April and go into the draw to WIN ONE OF TWO $50 ATHLETES FOOT VOUCHERS!

Members of the Club Review Project Committee:

Phill Mayer, Geoff Duffell, Bruce Salisbury, Ian Heafield, Todd Houghton, Madelon Lane, Will Hanrahan, Kylie Murray, and Helen Whitby with Michael Bodman, consultant from insideEgde following the February meeting.

If you would like to know more about this project, please contact Todd or speak to one the project committee:


Todd Houghton, Traralgon Harriers

M: 0429 940029

Michael Bodman

Director, insideEDGE Sport and Leisure Planning

T: (03) 9680 6370 | E:

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