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Round 5 – Sandown – Cross Country


Round 5 – Sandown – Cross Country

6th July 2019
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Round 5 of AV XCR’19 continued at the home to a number of motorsport events, Sandown Racecourse. This is the third relay event for XCR’19 and takes in two laps of the iconic course for a challenging 6.2km race. We were blessed with amazing conditions for a change with the wind holding off for most of the day.

Our Div 3 Wonder Women do it again, taking out first place in emphatic fashion whilst our Div 6 Men, set up superbly by young jet Miles Verschuur (24:53) stepped up to the podium by taking out third place in a tight division.

The Mens Div 3 turned out a great result coming home in 8th place in what is one of the hottest Div 3 groupings for some time and our Div 4 Women finished 7th and were bolsted by the return of Kate Jones (32:53) for her first AV event of the year.

There was plenty of great individual results as well with PB’s going to Sarah Lewis (23:54) and Michael Tripodi (21:54), who continues to close the gap to Pete Cutler (21:35), whilst Lauren Cross (33:33) is going to going from strength to strength after a great run at Anglesea.

The atmosphere on the day was truly amazing and it was great to see all the kids playing around and big thanks to all that helped with the little ones during the day. Nicky Semmler was a rockstar on the day and took home the Capitan’s award, not just for looking after the kids, but also having to contend with a slightly hangry Greg after the run.

As always we would be lost without our volunteers so a huge shout out to Ron Verschuur and Neil Firmin for taking care of our duties and for everyone else for chipping in with the folders at the changeovers as well.

Lastly it would be remiss of me to not address something of major significance to our team. On the bus back from Anglesea young Tom Irvine laid down a challenge to Liz Noble that he would run a quicker time than her on the day, needless to say Tom (28:12) ran his heart out (quite literally if you look at he data) but Liz (28:09), as she does often stepped up on race day to take the honours by just 3 secs, well done Liz.


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