Athletic Season Gets A Brilliant Opening – Clubs Attend Meeting 1969

Athletic Season Gets A Brilliant Opening – Clubs Attend Meeting 1969

Traralgon Athletics Local Centre got away to a good start at the pre-season meeting Saturday.  The new clubs put on very good performances and St. Michaels showed they are already a force to be reckoned with.  Attendances were good which is probably a good sign for the coming season.  Jenny Garside, a new member who has just come up from the Little Athletics, won her four events, and is apparently following the lead of her sister Helen.  Robyn Marwick and Valerie Walsh were close in the 100 and 200 metres.  Robyn won both races by a fraction of a second.  The program committee has finalised the events for each week.

Special events

It has been divided into A, B and C programs with special events in some weeks.  These programs should be available to members Saturday when the competition starts.  Members have been invited to the Showgrounds Saturday to compete in the first events of the season.  The Traralgon Local Athletics Centre has been running for two years and was set up to provide athletic competition in Traralgon.  With new clubs forming and boys and girls coming up from Little Athletics, officials of the centre feel the competitions will continue to grow.

Coaches available

Competent coaches are available for training every night.  Time trials Saturday gave athletes an indication of their form and should act as a spur to greater achievements.  The under 13 boys look promising and should produce some record-breaking performances this season.  In the recent schoolgirl’s championships in Melbourne, three members of TWAAC competed.  Helen Gartside came second in the senior 800 metres with a personal best time of 2 min 32 sec.  Helen showed the benefit of continuous participation through the cross country season and it was good to see her rewarded for her efforts.  Valerie Walsh was unplaced in her heat of the 100 metres but she ran a good time. Later she competed in the under 15 long jump and came third.

Made final

Dale Thompson came third in her heats of the 100 and 200 metres and made the final of the 400 metres after coming third in her heat.  John Bermingham recently came second in a combined schoolboy’s championship mile with a time of 4 min. 37 sec.  His time Saturday, 4:30, would have easily won that event. He will compete in the mile of the Victorian Schoolboys’ Championships in Melbourne November 1.  On his present form, he could take out the title.  A large number of Traralgon schoolboys will be competing. Philip and Keith Tomholt will be in the sprint events, Geoff Lont in the Steeple chase, Robert Cooper and Scott Rae in the under 16 mile and Leigh Thompson in the javelin and the one mile walk.  A number of boys from the new St. Michael’s Club will also be competing.


Traralgon Women’s Amateur Athletic Club results


100 metres:— U15B: J. Garside 14.8 1, A. Rutter 16.1 2. U15A: R. Marwick 13.8, V. Walsh 13.9, J. Skerry 15.1. Open: D. Thompson 14.0.


200 metres:— U15B: J. Garside 31.2, A. Rutter 34.0. U15A: R. Marwick 27.6, V. Walsh 28.0.


880 yards:— R. Marwick 2:29.4, J. Skerry 2:38.7, S. Walker 2:48.7, K. Walker 4:4.0.


Discus:— U15B: J. Garside 59′ 7;.”, S. Walker 46′ 7′,”. A. Rutter 31′ 2″. U15 A: D. Gregson 68′, V. Walsh 64′ 2′,”, K. Walsh 63′ 2″, R. Marwick 58′ 4″, J. Skerry 48′ 6″. Open: G. Henry 84′ 4″.  D. Thompson 75′ 7″, R. Walsh 61′ 9″, K. Walker 50′ 4½.”.


High Jump:— U15B: J. Garside 3′ 11″ S. Walker 3′ 6″, A. Rutter 3′ 6″. U15A:

  1. Marwick 4′ 4″, V. Walsh 4′ 3″, D. Gregson 4′ 2″, J. Skerry 3′ 9½”, K. Walsh 3′ 8″. Open: D. Thompson 4′ 4″, ft. Walsh 4′ 2″, K. Walker 3′ 8″.


Men’s Athletic results


880 yards:— Open- J. Bermingham H 2:5.5, M. Thompson H 2:13.8, J. Turpin H 2:15.1, G. Lont H 2:18.5, L. Thompson H 2:31.


One mile:— Open: J. Bermingham H 4:30.4, M. Thompson H 4:47.4, G. Lont H 5:07.6, J. Turpin H 5:23.5, G. Henry H 5:30.6, L. Thompson H 5:40.8, D. Bryce H 5:59.5.


Discus:— M. Thompson H 83′ 4″, J. Turpin H 61′ 7″, L. Thompson H 59′ 2″.


Javelin:— U13: P. Scholtes SM 58′ 3″, L. Battista SM 53′ 2″, A. Rumble H 38′ II”, K. Coffey SM 33′ 0″, P. Ardrichen SM 30′ 4″. U15: P. O’Neil SM 72′ 0″, G. Henry H 63′ 10″, C. Gregson H 61′ 9″, K. Henry H 53′ 4″, D. Bennett SM.


Shot put:— U13: P. Brophy SM 17′ 6″, L. Battista SM 16′ 1″, P. Ardrichen SM 15′ 6″, P. Scholtes SM 14′ 4″, K. Coffey SM 14′ 3″, A. Rumble H 14′ 2″. U15: D. Bennett SM 28′ 3″, S. Coffey SM 22′ 11″, K. Henry H 22′ 9″, R. Kirkhope H 22′ 3″, G. Henry H 19′ 11″, C. Gregson H 19′ 0″, B. Inglis H 17′ 10″.


High jump:— U13: L. Battista SM 3′ 9½”, A. Rumble H 3′ 6″, P. Ardrichen SM 3′ 3″, P. Scholtes SM. U15: S. Coffey SM 4′ 5″, K. Henry H 4′ 0½”, B. Inglis H 4′ 0½”. G. Henry H 3 II”, R. Kirkhope H 3′ 9″, C. Gregson H 3′ 9″.


100 yards:— U13: P. Scholtes SM 13.8, A. Rumble H 14.2, P. Adrichen SM 14.5, G. Coffey SM 14.5. U15: S. Coffey SM 12.2, D. Bennett SM 12.9, R. Kirkhope H 12.8, B. Inglis H 13.5, B. Jenner SM 13.7, C. Gregson H 14.7.


880 yards:—U13: P. Scholtes SM 2:34, A. Rumble H 2:43.3, P. Adrichen SM 2:49, L. Battista SM 2:54.5, K. Coffey SM 2:58.4. U15: D. Bennett SM 2:31.4, L. Coffey SM 2:35. C. Gregson H 2:39, K. Henry 2:42.8, B. Inglis H 2:30.5, P. O’Neil SM 2:56, B. Jenner SM 2:58.5. U17: S. Rae H 2:25.7, R. Cooper H 2:35.


220 yards:— U13: A. Rumble H 30.8, P. Scholtes SM 30.9, L. Battista SM 33.3, P. Adrichen SM 34.0, K. Coffey SM 34.0. U15: Heat 1; L. Coffey SM 28.2, D. Bennett SM 28.7, B. Inglis H 32.3, C. Gregson H 32.6. Heat 2; R. Kirkhope H 28.6, K. Henry H 31.4, B. Jenner SM 32.0.


One mile:—U13: P. Scholtes SM 5:30.2, A. Rumble H 5:49.5, L. Battista SM 6:18.2, P. Adrichen SM 6:55 .5. U17: S. Rae 5:10.7, R. Cooper 5:21.4. U15: D. Bennett SM 5:34.3, C. Gregson 5:35.0, L. Coffey 5:53.2, P. O’Neil 6:32.5.


The Journal, Monday June 15, 1970

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