Australian 100km Road Championship

Australian 100km Road Championship

Recollections from Geoff Duffell and Barry Higgins

  • History of how event started


Shepparton Athletics Club had been running 100km Championship until 1996 but stopped running it for 1997.  Aura was looking for some other club to run it and asked the Traralgon Harriers in 1997 to run the event in 1998.  This was an honour and I think it was recognised by AURA that the Traralgon Harriers organisation of the 6hr was very good and felt confident that the Harriers would run a good event.  The Traralgon Harriers showed interest and were invited to run the 100km Road Championship in 1998 by AURA with the understanding it would be a one off trial first time.

In the 1998 event it was the first time that Athletics Australian medals were presented.  The 1998 event it was able to achieve an international championship status due to Traralgon Harriers involvement.  Money became available from Athletics Australia for 100km runners to compete overseas.

Athletics Victoria provided Tony Rafferty as a delegate to AURA to supervise the overall running of the event who then reported back to Athletics Australia on how the event was run.  A 1997 newsletter article about the need to support the 1998 Australian 100km Road Championships.

Figure 39 Australian 100km Championship Article

  • The Traralgon Harriers ran these events from 1998 and 1999 then it shifted to Canberra.


Since 1998 it has not been run due to:


  • The Traralgon Harriers Committee decided that it had to give priority to club events. The issue being that conflict was created as this event was not a Traralgon Harriers event.  Thus being organised for someone else there was nothing in it for one’s own club.
  • Another minor issue was Traralgon Harriers organisers had to follow the strict AURA international standards manual.
  • The club had achieved the intended goal of bringing the event under the umbrella of Athletics Australia according to AA’s and international rules. It was more appropriate for the event to be offered to other organisers who could continue and expand the event.


  • Course descriptions

Both the 1998 and 1999 courses were identical and were 10 laps of a 10km course around country roads at Glengarry


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