Community Fun Run

Community Fun Run

Race History

When the running boom was at its peak there were many local fun runs available for competitors to choose from on most weekends.  They were run as fundraisers in Gippsland or very close by (Inverloch, Rosedale, and Yallourn North etc.).

As the popularity of running reduced in the late 1990s there was a dramatic reduction in the number of fun runs.  This had two effects: local runners had very few fun runs to compete in and also there was nowhere for new runners to experience competition.

So in 1999 Belinda Issell made the suggestion to her partner, Ian Heafield, why don’t we organise a Traralgon Harriers Community Fun Run (CFR) to promote running by:


  • Having very low entry fees (just enough to cover the trophies)
  • Many trophies for ages groups with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners
  • 5 Km distance for main event
  • Small distance for very young children1.5km
  • Family orientated
  • Spot prizes (donated by businesses and given out at random, so anyone could win).


Over 100 competitors turned up for the inaugural run which showed that the community wanted such an event.  Local businesses supplied the spot prizes and the Latrobe City sponsored the trophies for a number of years which the Traralgon Harriers greatly appreciated.



The first course was a clockwise course around the back of the Australian Security Commission building across the Traralgon Creek Bridge on Church Street then down Davidson Street onto George – Munro – Peterkin then back around the old Pizza Hut.  The distance was once for 1.5 km for juniors and three times for 5 km for others.  It was moved from this venue as Police permits etc. became a hassle and a decision had to be made for another course.

It was run once on the old Moe Rail Trail before being moved for many years to Morwell.  At Morwell the 1.5 km distance was run around the Kernot Hall Lake and the 5 km involved running a couple of loops around the Waterhole Creek path down as far as Hourigan Road.  In the last few years the event has been moved back to Traralgon and has been promoted exceptionally well with many teams and individuals now participating.  It is currently run around the Grey Street area with 2016 having over 500 participants.

Write up and results for first Community Fun Run in 1999.

Figure 38 1999 Community Fun Run

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