Interview with Kathryn Ewels

Interview with Kathryn Ewels

Firstly congratulation on your state title! Is this the first state title that you have won?

I have won state title when I was a junior for athletics and cross country and have won several as a senior for orienteering.  This is my first for cross country.


How did you rate yourself before the race?

Like many of the AV races I knew I was in good form but not sure what I could do.  I had more confidence after running a fast time at Sandown.  I had been feeling tired in training from competing in 48hr an adventure race over the Queen’s birthday weekend.  My goal was to run faster than the Great Australia Run which I achieved.


How did you find the conditions on race day?

It was freezing when we got out of the car but once we actually started running the condition were not that bad.  I did make a conscious effort to try and keep warm before the race.  There was section courses were windy and made running difficult but overall not as bad as I first thought.

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