Traralgon Harriers Poem

Traralgon Harriers Poem




Uphill roads are toughest.

They’re a test of men

Put your best foot forward.

Climb that hill again.


Harriers are triers,

Always do their best

Runners are real men,

Rubbish to the rest!

If you feel downhearted;

Even if you fail,

Run and keep on running

Scorn to show a ‘tail’.


Fortune smiles on brave lads,

Who run their guts right out.

Useless to deny this,

Or skite and shout.

“Clarkey” is our model,

Tried and tough and true;

King of distance runners,

From here to Timbuctoo.


After all the weakies

Have faded out and died

Clark and Derek Clayton,

We’ll speak of them with pride.

Harriers keep training

In weather foul or fair.

Let us run the hard roads

Like this immortal pair.

Early in the morning,

And when the sun has set

Strive to make a good club,

Great and greater yet.



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