Geoff “Swaggy” Wilson and Nick Schilling Memorial Races

Geoff “Swaggy” Wilson and Nick Schilling Memorial Races

Swaggy Wilson – Recollections from Glenn Fisher with approval from Anne Wilson.

Figure 50 Geoffrey Wilson 20 Years Membership plaque

From Glenn Fisher

I started a race in the memory of a great friend and member of our club, with the sudden death of Geoff (Swaggy) Wilson.  I put it to the committee about having a race in the memory of Swaggy, which they approved.  So my next stop was Anne Wilson to see if it was ok and to get a nice picture of Swaggy.  She was more than happy to keep the little man’s memory and his love for running going on with the Harriers.  I then organised a plaque to be made and a course for the run.  With the help from Laurie Edmondstone we soon had a course for a 12 and 6 km run.

The date was set and away the race went a lot of runners turned up for the very first Swaggy Run.  To make the day very special Anne Wilson was there to hand over the plaque to the first winner of this race.  It made me feel good knowing that that the club Swaggy enjoyed running for will remember him for a long time.  Swaggy died in January 1997

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