Figure 54 1971 Traralgon Marathon Start in Franklin Street, Traralgon


Figure 55 Martin Thompson 1974 Traralgon Marathon


Figure 56 Female Winner of the 1980 Traralgon Marathon Fay Tomholt


Figure 57 Garry Henry 1981 Traralgon Marathon


Figure 58 1982 Traralgon Marathon David Laws


Figure 59 Swaggy Wilson (Geoff Wilson) on right and Richard Jeffery on left at the end of the 1982 Melbourne Marathon both came in at 2hrs 53 mins.

Start of the 1983 Traralgon Marathon at Tyers Football Oval

Figure 60 1983 Traralgon Marathon No. 91 Geoff Swaggy Wilson (left hand side at back), No. 103 Richard Jeffery and No. 108 Ian Wheeler (near front horizontal strip on singlet).

Start of the 1987 Traralgon Marathon at Tyers Football Oval

Figure 61 1987 Traralgon Marathon No. 2 Richard Jeffery, No. 6 Laurie Edmondstone, No. 31 Sandy Drummond and No.38 Bill Berry

Photo taken at social tennis match in Glengarry organised by Shane and Corey Harle (visitors from Canada).  Top row from left Jim Timmer-Arends, Kevin Piercy, Allen Timmer-Arends and Keith Tomholt.  Below Kevin to right is Deb Piercy to her left is Jodie Healey nursing child, directly below Keith is Fay Tomholt, below Fay to left is Corey Harle and to right of Fay is Shane Harle and right of Shane is Sandra Timmer-Arends with Duncan McKeon far right, just left of Duncan is Tina Mackenzie, to left of her is Niall Thompson and directly below Tina is John Mackenzie.  Georgann Peterson is in front row nursing child and Delwyn Hewitt far left with long hair crouching slightly.  Approximate date early 1990’s.

Figure 62 Social Tennis Match in Glengarry early 1990’s


Figure 63 1996 Traralgon Marathon Female Winner Lee Graham


Figure 64 Multiple Traralgon Marathon Winner John Mackenzie


Figure 65 Multiple Traralgon Marathon Female Winner Sandra Timmer-Arends


Figure 66 2000 Traralgon Marathon Ian Cornthwaite


Figure 67 2000 Derek Evans carrying Olympic Baton


Figure 68 Geoff ‘Swaggy’ Wilson


Figure 69 Ray and Doris Ellis

From left to right – Ian Twite, Ian Heafield and Bruce Salisbury

Figure 70 Walhalla Wound Up Run Ian Twite, Ian Heafield and Bruce Salisbury


Figure 71 Jodie Healy at Walhalla Wound Up Run


Figure 72 Darrel Cross and Roger Maximiw at Walhalla Wound Up Run


Figure 73 Neil Griffiths


Figure 74 Mick Bridle


(Paster Traralgon Harriers Chaplain early 2000)

Figure 75 Colin Hardy


Top 2nd from left Keith Tomholt, Morgan Tucker, Roger Maximiw, Derek Evans.

Bottom 4th from left Jenny Pruscino, Fay Tomholt

Figure 76 2002 Harriers “Prisoners on the Run” Awards


Barry Higgins and Bruce Salisbury running.

Figure 77 2002 Walhalla Woundup Barry Higgins and Bruce Salisbury


Figure 78 2003 25km Road Championship Kevin Piercy

No.2 Roger Maximiw, Sandra Timmer-Arends (with black hat) at front and Bruce Salisbury with signature orange hat.

Figure 79 2003 Start of the 6 Hour Track Championship



Figure 80 2003 Traralgon Marathon at turn Rob Embleton


Figure 81 2003 Mt Tassie King and Queen of Mountain Sandra Timmer-Arends

Figure 82 2003 Mt Tassie King and Queen of Mountain Roger Maximiw


Figure 83 2004 Juniors Community Fun Run

(Her father – Mick Bridle in blue singlet in background)

Figure 84 2004 Community Fun Run – Lee Graham running with Daughter Erin


Figure 85 2004 Walhalla Woundup organiser Bruce Salisbury and 50km winners Roger Maximiw and Sandra Timmer-Arends being presented by Michael Leaney.


Figure 86 2005 Peter Grixti and Pauline Lindsay being presented championship shields by Neil and Penny Burgess Warrior Awards by Ian Twite.


Figure 87 2005 Victorian 6 Hour Track Championship Ian Twite


Figure 88 2005 Victorian 6 Hour Track Championship No. 25 Peter Grixti


Figure 89 2005 Ros Nicolson – Thursday Night Run


Figure 90 2005 Peter Grixti Thursday Night Run


Figure 91 2005 Traralgon Marathon Finish Jodie Healy


Figure 92 2005 Traralgon Marathon Winners


Figure 93 2006 Community Fun Run Mick Bridle

(Rick was Marathon Race Director for around 10 marathons)

Figure 94 2006 Traralgon Marathon Rick Mann organising set up


Figure 95 2006 Traralgon Marathon Tim Cochrane

(Belinda Issell and Bruce Salisbury Life Members)

Figure 96 2006 Carol Summergill, Belinda Issell, Bruce Salisbury and Margaret Salisbury


Figure 97 2006 Community Fun Run Family Picture Steve, Kerry (back row), Tanya and Rowan Eagle


Figure 98 2007 Community Fun Run Winners

Anne Wilson 2nd from left bottom row

Figure 99 2007 Swaggy Wilson Winners


Figure 100 2008 Community Fun Run – Junior race Start


Figure 101 2008 Community Fun Run Winners


Figure 102 2008 Jells Park AV Run Leanne Keating


Figure 103 2008 Jells Park AV Run Bruce Salisbury


Figure 104 2008 Walhalla Wound Up Run Allen Timmer-Arends


Figure 105 2008 Walhalla Wound Up Run Keith Tomholt


Figure 106 2008 Walhalla Wound Up Run Belinda Heafield (left) and Ros Nicolson


Figure 107 2008 Walhalla Wound Up Run Ian Twite


Figure 108 2009 Traralgon Marathon competitor Ken Lancaster


Figure 109 2009 Harriers Christmas Function Allen Timmer-Arends and Kathryn Ewels


Figure 110 2009 Harriers Christmas Function Jenny and Nat Comber


Figure 111 2009 Richard Comber receiving the Mick Bridle Award


Figure 112 2009 Ray and Doris Ellis


Figure 113 2009 Edward Hunter Reserve Steve McLeod


Figure 114 2009 Edward Hunter Reserve Nick Schilling


Figure 115 2009 Edward Hunter Reserve Melissa Jones


Figure 116 2009 Duncan Orr

Greg Semmler finishing Sandra Timmer-Arends timing.

Figure 117 2010 Community Fun Run at Kernot Hall Greg Semmler


Figure 118 2010 Start of Traralgon Marathon


Figure 119 2011 Barry Higgins – 50km Victorian Championships


Figure 120 2012 Tanya Whitehead and children


Figure 121 2013 Swaggy Wilson Run


Figure 122 2014 25km Championship Boolarra Darren Fletcher


Figure 123 2014 Mount Tassie King and Queen of Mountain

It was a great day for a run even better day on top of the Mountain with its panoramic views of the surrounding hills.  Gerald Farrell is the new King and Narelle Crozier the new Queen.

Figure 124 2015 Mount Tassie King and Queen of Mountain Run


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