Winners 12km Swaggy Wilson Memorial Road Race

Winners 12km Swaggy Wilson Memorial Road Race

Table 40 12km Geoff “Swaggy” Wilson Memorial Trophy Winners

1997 Paul Wilson 40.12 Birgit Wilson 50.21
1998 Michael Lancaster 42.59 Kylie Fox (Murray) 48.08
1999 Michael Lancaster 43.33 Sandra Timmer-Arends 44.40
2000 John Mackenzie 42.30 Corey Harle 54.39
2001 John Mackenzie 39.39 Peta Mullens 52.54
2002 Nenet Suza 41.04 Penny Burgess 54.34
2003 Steve Quirk 42.59 Sandra Timmer-Arends 49.27
2004 Steve Quirk 42.07 Penny Burgess 54.04
2005 Steve Quirk 42.19 Leanne Keating 1.02.31
2006 Steve Quirk 44.23 Sandra Timmer-Arends 49.41
2007 John Mackenzie 43.10 Lynda McRae 48.31
2008 John Mackenzie 42.01 Delwyn Hewitt 51.37
2009 Nick Schilling 44.10 Kathryn Ewels 51.36
2010 Nick Schilling 46.06 Kylie Murray 52.23
2011 Ryan Wissmer 44.04 Lynda McRae 53.25
2012 Ryan Wissmer 39.25 Kylie Murray 46.55
2013 Flynn Boyle 45.45 Liz Kenny 56.07
2014 Nick Schilling 44.33 Kylie Murray 47.30
2015 Ian Cornthwaite 45.34 Karen Graham 50.57
2016 Bryan Cake 49.40 Liz Kenney 59.15


Nick Schilling – Recollections from Keith Tomholt about his Son in Law.

Nick was quite a talented athlete, who could compete at a fairly high level from 5km to the Marathon.  His Shepparton Marathon win was a great personal achievement for him.  He was a great club person and was always positive towards other aspiring athletes.  He was a great believer in supporting aspiring athletes and always encouraged others to at least “have a go”.  He was passionate about being physically fit and healthy and also was active in the education department, as a teacher encouraging his students to at least take part in some type of physical activity.  I think Nick would like to be remembered for his athletic achievements and aspirations and his passion to support other like-minded athletes, he always gave 100%.


With the support from Anne Wilson in 2016 it was decided by the Traralgon Harriers Committee of Management to name the 6km support race the “Nick Schilling Memorial”.  Nick died on the 6th July 2015.

It was also decided that a donation to Beyond Blue would be made.

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