Young Harrier Sets New Record

Young Harrier Sets New Record

Young John Bermingham broke the course record Sunday at the close of the 1969 road and cross country season for Traralgon Harriers.  The final day’s events were the junior two mile and under 15, under 17 and open three miles.  Bermingham broke the course record to win the open three-mile race in 14 minutes 51 seconds.  He was followed by John Turpin second in 16 min. 24 sec. with Chris Collins third in 16 min. 42 seconds.  This was an excellent run by Bermingham who broke Rod Hill’s record of 14 min. 56 sec.  It is his first season at distance running and if he decides to keep it up it will not be long before he is shattering state records.  It was also a good run by John Turpin who ran a personal best time to come second.  The under 17 three-miles was won by 15-year-old Robert Cooper who had had a good season.  He won in the fast time of 16 min. 29 sec. and was followed by Scott Rae second in 16 min. 44 sec.  The under 15 three-mile event, saw a great battle between Keith Tomholt, and Garry Henry with Tomholt the winner in 16 min. 57 sec. followed by Henry 17 min. 4 sec. Colin Gregson was third in 17 min. 25 sec.  T. Tomholt won the junior two-mile race in the good time of 12 min. 34 sec. followed by A. Rumble in 12 min. 48 sec. with M. Scammel third in 13 min. 28 sec.


Results and Times

Table 49 1969 Young Harriers Results

Junior two-mile championship
1 T. Tomholt 12:34
2 A. Rumble 12:48
3 M. Scammel 13:28
4 C. Hoffman 15:37
Under 15 three-mile championship
1 K. Tomholt 16:57
2 G. Henry 17:40
3 C. Gregson 17:25
4 P. Tomholt 19:70
Under 17 three-mile championship
1 R. Cooper 16:29
2 S. Rae 16:44
Open three-mile championship
1 J. Bermingham 14:51
2 J. Turpin 16:24
3 C. Collins 16:42
4 M. Thompson 17:10
5 G. Lont 17:17
6 R. Wood 18:02
7 L. Thompson 18:23

Next Saturday at the Showgrounds is the start of the track and field season.  Everyone interested in athletics, male or female, has been invited to go along.  Both primary and secondary school students along with adults have been asked to be at the ground by 1:30pm.  There will be events for all age groups.

Figure 128 Under 13’s, Peter Scholtes, Neil McKinnon and Alan Rumble

These little athletes are a happy lot, win, lose or draw. For example, look at Peter Scholtes (St Michaels), Neil McKinnon and Alan Rumble (both Harriers), three fit young runners in the Under 13 section.  More than 300 children from four years upwards compete at the Showgrounds every Saturday morning
The Journal, Mon. Oct. 20, 1969 – Page 14


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