Traralgon Harriers Poem

History of the Traralgon Harriers

History of how the Traralgon Harriers Athletic Club Incorporated was founded including history to date

Traralgon Harriers Poem

************************** THE CHAMPION OF CLUBS ************************** Uphill roads are toughest. They’re a test of men Put your best foot forward. Climb that hill again.   Harriers are triers, Always do their best Runners are real men, Rubbish to the rest! If you feel downhearted; Even if you fail, Run and keep on running Scorn to… Read more »

Foundation and Early Members

Foundation members: Chris Collins, Wally Phillips, Martin Thompson, Leigh Thompson and John Turpin were founding members of Traralgon Harriers Amateur Club. Early members: Robert Wood, Garry Henry, Robert Cooper, Scott Rae, Keith Tomholt, Bruce Inglis, John Pollard, Ian Cummings, Juris Puce were some who joined in the club’s early years, later Richard Jeffrey was recruited…. Read more »

Formation Date of the Traralgon Harriers

following two extracts from 1967 Express and Journal articles contain a small contradiction about the exact date of formation, but are consistent within the month and year, and within a two week period. The Journal. Thursday, June 29, 1967, page 18: “Traralgon’s second amateur athletic club was formed at a meeting at Traralgon Technical School… Read more »

History of how the Club was founded

Together Barry Thompson and Martin Thompson were instrumental in starting the Traralgon Harriers Amateur Athletic Club.  Under the Victorian Amateur Athletic Associations (VAAA) rules clubs were not able to hold an athletic meeting on a weekend where there was an interclub meeting being conducted by their local centre The Latrobe Valley Amateur Athletic Centre (LVAAC)…. Read more »

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