Edward Hunter

Major Events & Achievements

Major Events and Achievements

Edward Hunter

Information supplied by Bruce Salisbury Race History With the demise of Morwell Athletic Club in 2004 the Traralgon Harriers took on the Edward Hunter 12km and 8km Cross Country run. The Traralgon Harriers took full responsibility of the 12km and 8km Cross Country event at Edward Hunter Reserve Moe, setting up its current course which… Read more »

Springfield Park

Information supplied by Bruce Salisbury Race History With the permission of Warragul’s Ron Lucardie the club took on the Springfield Park run reviving it as an 8km and 4km CC and moving it to Crinigan Road Reserve Morwell in 2004.  Ron had a property in Lardner called Springfield Park which the run was named after…. Read more »


Information supplied by Ian Twite Race History The Gippsland Regional Centre ran a Gippsland 10,000m on the Newborough Track and sometimes on the Geoff Watt Track in Warragul.  When the Gippsland Regional Centre disbanded in 2003 the race ceased to exist.  In my endeavours to get more Traralgon Harriers to race on the track in… Read more »

10km Championship Winners History

Table 32 10km Championship Winners History Year Male Winner Time Female Winner Time 1997 Bret Franklin 35:41:00 Belinda Issell 50:22:00 1998 1999 Luke Yeatman 38:56:00 Melissa Jones 49:42:00 2000 Neil Griffiths 38:22:00 Sue Huels 49:07:00 2001 2002 Steve Quirk 36:21:00 Melissa Jones 41:36:00 2003 Daniel Rake 38:22:00 Melissa Jones 44:04:00 2004 Adrian Masterman-Smith 41:59:00 Kim… Read more »

25km Championship Winners History

Table 31 25km Championship Winners History Year Male Winner Time Female Winner Time 1997 Paul Wilson 1:31:37 Birget Wilson 1:48:00 1999 Bruce Salisbury 1:44:51 Sandra Timmer-Arends 1:58:25 2000 Simon Royal 1:32:47 2001 John Mackenzie 2002 Darrel Cross 1:33:21 Jodie Healey 1:58:24 2003 Steve Quirk 1:35:19 Sandra Timmer-Arends 1:48:40 2004 Nenet Susa 1:34:34 Ros Nicolson 2:26:43… Read more »

Martin Thompson Memorial – 25km and 10km Championships

Information supplied by Ian Twite Race History The 25km and 10km championships was originally organised by the Gippsland Regional Centre.  They were the overseeing body for Athletics in Gippsland and the La Trobe Valley. Traralgon Harriers were the host club for this event and it was run from our Clubrooms.  The course followed the Traralgon… Read more »

Community Fun Run Results

Table 28 Community Fun Run Male 5km and Female 5km Winners YEAR MALE NAME TIME FEMALE NAME TIME 1999 Peter Tonkin 16:09 Dionne Charleston 17.05 2000 John Mackenzie 16:29 Denise Jones 24.06 2001 John Mackenzie 15.54 Sandra Timmer-Arends Time Unknown Run on 25 March 2001 – Course was short 2002 John Mackenzie 16:09 Rachel Gibney… Read more »

Community Fun Run

Race History When the running boom was at its peak there were many local fun runs available for competitors to choose from on most weekends.  They were run as fundraisers in Gippsland or very close by (Inverloch, Rosedale, and Yallourn North etc.). As the popularity of running reduced in the late 1990s there was a… Read more »

Winners Ray and Doris Ellis 16km

Table 26 Ray and Doris Ellis Wirilda Park 16km Female Course Winners YEAR NAME TIME 2004 Kathryn Ewels 1:18:11 2005 Leanne Keating 1:33:15 2006 Lauren Isles 1:23:41 2007 Kathryn Ewels 1:18:14 2008 Anna Orr 1:25:18 2009 Charlotte McShane 1:16:24 2010 Kathryn Ewels 1:11:07 2011 Kylie Murray 1:10:52 2012 Kylie Murray 1:11:19 2013 Kylie Murray 1:08:51Course… Read more »

Ray and Doris Ellis 16km

Race History Both Ray and Doris Ellis were life members of the club and the Wirilda Park 16km and 8km Hill Runs were established in 2004 to replace the Mal Hill 16km and 8km runs conducted by the Gippsland Athletics Association. The Gippsland Athletics Association was the governing body over the Yallourn Newborough, Warragul, Morwell… Read more »

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