Walhalla Wound Up 50km Trail Race Australia Results

Major Events & Achievements

Major Events and Achievements

Walhalla Wound Up 50km Trail Race Australia Results

Table 11 2002 Walhalla 50km Results POSITION NAME TIME 1 John Mackenzie 3:51:55 2 Nigel Aylott 4:28:29 3 Robert Embleton 4:42:34 4 Kelvin Marshall 4:44:36 5 David Styles 4:47:01 6 Garry Wilson 5:04:12 7 Kevin Cassidy 5:23:53 8 Lee Graham [F] 5:25:33 9 Bruce Salisbury 5:27:48 10 Barry Higgins 5:41:33 11 Ian Fromholtz 5:51:34 12… Read more »

Walhalla Wound Up 50km

Race History The Walhalla Wound-Up was conceived on a regular (at that time) run on Monday nights from Rob Embleton’s house in Morwell in early 2002.  At that time a couple of us were dabbling in ultras and the general feeling was that we should stage one closer to home. One of the crew took… Read more »

Winners Mount Tassie King and Queen of the Mountain

Table 10 Winners Mount Tassie King and Queen of the Mountain. For complete results refer to APPENDIX 3.   Date Male Time Female Time 1968 Scheduled but not run 1969 John Bermingham 2.15:00 1970 Not run 1971 Martin Thompson 2:10:14 1972 Paul O’Hare 1:48:00 1973 John Shanahan 2: 01:00 1974 Martin Thompson 2:09:00 1975 Neil… Read more »


Mount Tassie – King and Queen of the Mountain Inaugural run 10th August 1969   Race History The first Mt Tassie King of the Mountain run was scheduled to be run in September 1968, but for some reason did not take place, neither did the 1970 race. An article in the Journal dated 14th Oct… Read more »

Winners Traralgon Marathon

For complete results refer APPENDIX 2. Table 8 Winners Traralgon Marathons DATE MALE NAME TIME FEMALE NAME TIME 24/08/1968 Barry Sawyer 2:26:53 30/05/1969 Ian Wheeler 2:27:44 6/06/1970 Derek Clayton 2:13:39 RR 13/06/1971 John Berminghan 2:32:08 11/06/1972 Phil Lear 2:28:37 17/06/1973 Bob Guthrie 2:28:05 2/06/1974 Bob Guthrie 2:28:34 1/06/1975 Andrew Hill 2:26:16 6/06/1976 Phil Lear 2:44:10… Read more »

Traralgon Marathon History Australia’s Oldest Current Marathon

The Traralgon Marathon – Inaugural run 24 August in 1968. The Traralgon Marathon is the oldest current marathon in Australia and was first run on 24 August in 1968. The race was an all-male affair and was won by Barry Sawyer in 2:26:53.  There were earlier marathons in Australia but none of them are still… Read more »

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