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Results – Clarkes Road – 6km

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Results – Clarkes Road – 6km

10th May 2017
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Location: 500m past the intersection of Clarkes Road Hazelwood North with Sanders Road and Mattingley Hill Road is a dirt track on your right which is the continuation of Firmins Lane if coming from Morwell. The race starts just down this track past the reservoir on your left.
Course Marker- Bob Duljas
Timekeeping and Clubrooms- Tania Whitehead, Bob Bickett, Michelle Colwell
(Intermediate Race 4km & Jun Race 2km)

Encompassing a single circuit of pine plantations on mostly a rough-surfaced gravel road with a short segment of bitumen thrown in at Hazelwood South before a final 500m uphill slog to the finish, last Thursday’s 6km Harriers’ handicap presented a challenge to many of the 37 participants.

Apparently joined at the hip, Phil Mayer and Edi Murat once again took out the handicap component with just a second of separation in 39:35 and 39:36.

Running strongly this year, Georgia Callaway finished third in a very accomplished 30:43.

Amongst the quickest males and females outright, Glenn Graham’s dominance on the inclines saw him quickest in 24:27. Ian Cornthwaite 24:53 and Biasi Silvestro 25:20 were the next fastest males; whilst the females were outrun by Traralgon school principal, Kaye Frost 28:46 with Georgia Callaway 30:43 and Michelle Sawyer 33:07 next in line.

This Thursday’s (14/3/19) handicap event is the Water Tower 5km at 6pm from the Harriers’ clubrooms on the corner of Grubb Avenue and Douglas Parade, Traralgon. Intermediate and junior events of 3km and 1.5km will also be available.

This Sunday, March 17 is the Harriers’ 21st annual DFP Recruitment 5km Fun Run and Walk with the dual aims of supporting the cancer support service, Gippsland Rotary Centenary House, whilst also promoting physical activity as an aid to physical and mental well-being.


Clarkes Rd 6k 7/3/19:
1/Phill Mayer 39.35. 2/ Edi Murat 39.36. 3/ Georgia Callaway 30.43. 4/ Michael Walker 31.13. 5/ Darrel Cross 25.40. 6/ Glenn Graham 24.27. 7/ David Mann 28.29.  

8/ Kaye Frost. 28.46. 9/ Ian Cornthwaite 24.53. 10/ Jake Alexiadis 32.40. 11/ Biasi Silvestro 25.20. 12/ Mark VanDerMeulen 28.34. 13/Marlon Mifsud 27.35. 14/ Clinton Jolly 28.05.

15/ Jason Irvine 34.08. 16/ Michelle Sawyer 33.07. 17/ Steve McLeod 28.38. 18/ Peter Grixti 44.39. 19/ Warren Shields 32.46. 20/ Kaye Livingstone 35.25. 21/ Rob Embleton 39.05.

22/ Liz Kenny 33.12. 23/ Gary Fox 32.23. 24/ Brian Cake 29.58. 25/ Andrew Legge 32.36. 26/ Tania Whitehead 37.30. 27/ Terasa Dixon 35.29. 28/ Diana Van Rhine 40.00. 29/ Pete Sanders 31.38. 30/ Barry Higgins 41.19. 31/ Ian Heafield 46.56. 32/ Nathan Byrne 54.07.    WALKERS: 6.2k Deb Henry/Kathy Quinn/Michelle Colwell 1.04.20. Training run: Karen Graham. Mick Bridle.


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