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Results – Crinigan Road Reserve Morwell – 6km

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Results – Crinigan Road Reserve Morwell – 6km

10th May 2017
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An exciting and successful past week for the Traralgon Harriers was kicked off at the 2019 Victorian Track & Field Championships in Bendigo over the Australia Day weekend. Between the five talented runners representing their club, they managed to bring home 7 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Bronze medal. The runners completed in events ranging from the 100m sprint, through to the 10,000m race. Congratulations to Ben Bailey, Heather Farley, Ian Twite, Mark Rossiter and Michael Tripodi.

Just a few days later, the Harrier’s Thursday night 6km event at Crinigan Road Reserve Morwell also provided the goods. Enjoyable conditions treated runners as the navigated their way through the twisting and turning course.

A fit and firing Georgia Callaway (34:10) finished first on handicap followed by Chester Goulter (46:22) and Jake Alexiadis (32:48). The outright fastest females included Karen Graham (30:47), Kaye Frost (31:28) and Liz Kenney (33:35). The males included Darrel Cross (26:29), Ian Cornthwaite (26:37) and Biasi Silvestro (27:12).

This week’s Thursday night run is at the Traralgon Railway Reserve for a 6km or 3km run.

6km Results:

Georgia Callaway (34:10), Chester Goulter  (46:22), Jake Alexiadis (32:48), Michael Walker (31:27), Peter Grixti (42:49), Simon Hemming (39:04), Nathan Byrne (53:10), Michelle Colwell (51:13), Barry Higgins (43:29), David Mann (29:30), Bob Duljas (46:29), Jason Irvine (37:35), Belinda Ruff (56:43), Kaye Frost (31:28), Darrel Cross (26:29), Ian Heafield (47:30), Liz Kenney (33:35), Phill Mayer (39:04), Ann Maloney (44:11), Tania Whitehead (41:24), Andrew Legge (33:18), Tom Irvine (37:45), Karen Graham (347), Arlia Whitehead (35:58), Marlon Misfud (29:02), Clinton Jolly (29:26), Biasi Silvestro (27:12), Allison Triggs (51:12), Bryan Cake (334), Ian Cornthwaite (26:37), Ian Twite (33:42), Michelle Sawyer (41:02), Teresa Dixon (41:14), Kris Vallak (405), Warren Shields (406), Pete Sanders (36:22), Edi Murat (39:04)

2 Km Training Run/Walk             

Tony Arrowsmith (12:00)

3 Km Training Run/Walk             

Barry Summersgill (31:15)

Bruce Salisbury (31:18)

5 Km Training Run/Walk             

Helen Whitby (103:15)

6 Km Training Run/Walk             

Ann Bomers (52:04)

Summer  Run  No. 16Crinigan Road Reserve Morwell6 Km
Run Finish PositionName Actual Time on clockHandicapHandicap time 
1Georgia Callaway0:37:400:03:300:41:10
22Chester Goulter 0:46:220:00:000:46:22
8Jake Alexiadis0:41:180:08:300:49:48
6Michael Walker0:40:570:09:300:50:27
24Peter Grixti0:47:490:05:000:52:49
19Simon Hemming0:46:040:07:000:53:04
36Nathan Byrne0:53:100:00:000:53:10
31Michelle Colwell0:52:130:01:000:53:13
27Barry Higgins0:49:290:06:000:55:29
10David Mann0:42:300:13:000:55:30
32Bob Duljas0:51:290:05:000:56:29
23Jason Irvine0:47:050:09:300:56:35
37Belinda Ruff0:56:430:00:000:56:43
12Kaye Frost0:44:280:13:000:57:28
9Darrel Cross0:41:590:15:300:57:29
34Ian Heafield0:52:300:05:000:57:30
18Liz Kenney0:45:350:12:000:57:35
3Phill Mayer0:48:340:09:300:58:04
29Ann Maloney0:51:110:07:000:58:11
28Tania Whitehead0:49:540:08:300:58:24
21Andrew Legge0:46:180:13:000:59:18
26Tom Irvine0:48:450:11:000:59:45
17Karen Graham0:45:170:14:300:59:47
11Arlia Whitehead0:47:580:12:000:59:58
13Marlon Misfud0:44:320:15:301:00:02
15Clinton Jolly0:44:560:15:301:00:26
16Biasi Silvestro0:44:120:17:001:01:12
30Allison Triggs0:56:120:05:001:01:12
20Bryan Cake0:46:040:15:301:01:34
14Ian Cornthwaite0:44:370:18:001:02:37
25Ian Twite0:48:120:14:301:02:42
7Michelle Sawyer0:52:020:11:001:03:02
35Teresa Dixon0:52:140:11:001:03:14
4Kris Vallak0:52:050:12:001:04:05
5Warren Shields0:52:060:12:001:04:06
33Pete Sanders0:51:520:15:301:07:22
2Edi Murat0:53:340:14:301:08:04

Location: Fairway Drive Morwell, opposite Morwell Golf Club


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