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Results – Franklin Street – 5km

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Results – Franklin Street – 5km

10th May 2017

Location: Tennis Courts Franklin Street Traralgon
Course Marker- Diana Van Rhine
Timekeeping and Clubrooms- Warren Shields, Edi Murat, Glen Graham

The Harriers ran a five-kilometre two-lap course in perfect conditions from Harold Preston Park last Thursday. Following the severe rain episode a few weeks earlier that washed away the course markings halfway through the race, the runners again had had to rely on their knowledge of the course, or follow someone familiar with it. The designated course marker (who shall remain nameless) did an excellent job, but marked the course for the next fortnight’s event, in a different location! Despite this runners achieved excellent times, with Tom Irvine and Susan Poole again first on handicap. Irvine edged out his father Jason and veteran Morwell Harrier Rob Embleton while Poole again

narrowly headed Liz Kenney and Kay Frost.

            Fastest men were junior Miles Verschuur (19:51), supported by his mentor Biasi Silvestro (19:52), and Tom Irvine (21:18). In a family affair quickest woman was Irvine’s twin sister Molly (20:31), ahead of Kay Frost (22:09) and Liz Kenney (22:14).

            Elisa Rimsa said she enjoyed her first Harriers’ event, running the course in the company of Suzie Lewis.

Handicap results. Franklin Street 5 km event: Tom Irvine 21 minutes 18 seconds, Susan Poole 27:50, Rob Embleton 28:13, Liz Kenney 22:14, Jason Irvine 25:03, Kay Frost 22:09, Zane Pyle 25:10, Teresa Dixon 24:14, Helen Whitby 32:28, Molly Irvine 20:31, Tim Buckley 26:37, Miles Verschuur 19:51, Phill Mayer 25:52, Biasi Silvestro 19:52, Michelle Sawyer 25:05,Karen Graham 22:31, Tania Whitehead 27:48, Lisa Maatsoo 30: 57, Kris Vallak 25:09,

Andrew Legge 24:15, Barry Higgins 30: 28, Ruth Duljas 32:39, Allison Triggs 31:52, David Hood 28:15, Bryan Cake 23:30, Gary Fox 26:13, Alfie Warner 30:26, Peter Grixti 33:26, Edi Murat 25:52, Michelle Colwell 37:06, Lynda Jones 35:16, Bob Duljas 34:17, Ian Heafield 34:32, Suzie Lewis 39:32, Elisa Rimsa 39:32, Kaye Livingstone 37:07. 5 Km Training Run/Walk: Belinda Heafield, Kathy Quinn, Debbie Henry; Nathan Byrne (one lap). 

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