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Results – Meadowpark Drive – 6km

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Results – Meadowpark Drive – 6km

10th May 2017
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Location: Meadow Park Drive is located opposite Grubb Ave through the green belt just across from the Douglas Parade Clubrooms
Course Marker- Bob Duljas
Timekeeping and Clubrooms- Tony Arrowsmith, Helen Whitby, Ann Bomers

Race Report

The Harrier’s Anzac Day run was the Meadowpark Drive 6km run, around
Traralgon’s West End. Susan Poole was first on handicap followed by Darrel
Cross and Helen Whitby who has started the winter season in the same way she
finished the summer – in form.
Molly Irvine performed at her usual standard, knocking the 6km over in 26:24
and Kay Frost and Arlia Whitehead, both strong presences on the track,
rounded out the fastest three women.
Darrel Cross put in a superb effort to come in fastest ahead of Biasi Silvestro,
and Miles Verschuur continued to show consistent form to secure third fastest
on the night.
The Harriers closed out the night with conversation and a meal at the
This Thursday’s run will be The Avenue 6km handicap including an intermediate
run of 3 km and a junior event of 1.5km. Starting time is 5:50pm. The Traralgon
Harriers Martin Thompson 25km and 10km is this Sunday at 9:00am at Grand
Ridge Rail Trail, Boolara.
Thursday night run results.
5km run
Susan Poole 33:53, Darrel Cross 22:50, Helen Whitby 37:53, David Mann 26:28,
Alfie Warner 31:02, Georgia Callaway 30:26, Kaye Frost 27:02, Biasi Silvestro
23:06, Michael Walker, 30:58, Phill Mayer 31:01, Clinton Jolly 25:07, Tom Irvine
30:22, Teresa Dixon 30:39, Arlia Whitehead 29:46, Miles Verschuur 24:52, Liz
Kenney 29:54, Molly Irvine 26:24, Sandra Byrne 33:24, Tania Whitehead 33:44,
Ann Bomers 42:33, Kris Vallak 31:00, Mandy Ellis 38:42, Pete Sanders 28:25,
Tim Buckley 36:26, Lynda Jones, 43:54, Barry Higgins 47:00, Michelle Sawyer
6km training run
Belinda Ruff, Debbie Henry, Kathy Quinn
3.3km training run/walk
Michelle Colwell
Submitted by Teresa Dixon


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