October 5th, 2023 President’s Note 5/10/2023

This week’s run is the 5k Track Night at Newborough.

Duty: Nick Hodson, Adam Van Baalen, Ian Heafield, Belinda Heafield, Heather Farley, Danelle Wright & Volunteers (injured, not running, please help out). RD: Legge.




Next week’s run is Kay Street Traralgon - Morwell Bike Path to Airfield Road 5k.

Start and finish at the Lutheran Church, opposite Swallow Grove on Old Melbourne Road (top end of Kay Street). Parking in the church carpark and surrounds.

Duty: Samantha McGown & Mandy Ellis. CM: PM.


The Memorial Run is on this Sunday 8th of October in Morwell. It’d be great to have a huge turnout of members and friends for this special event. It’s a small donation ($20 minimum) to enter, with all profits going to Gippsland Lifeline. This run is a memorial to honour former club members who took their lives, and as such, it’s all about raising awareness for mental health and suicide prevention, which is at epidemic proportions in our community, with the numbers at a staggering level. This issue affects young and old, male and female, apparently “healthy” and “ill” alike. It’s an important run, and raising funds for our local support organisation is essential, because they rely on community donations, business support and grants to operate, and they are stretched to the limit without ongoing government funding. They provide an essential service. We have all been touched by suicide in some way, and it is not a topic to avoid talking about. We must confront it, discuss it, support people, find solutions and reasons where we can. Put the date in your diary and invite your family and friends.


Entry is on the day from 8:30, with both events starting at 9:30. There will be medals in categories (U18, Open, 50+), morning tea and it is a timed run thanks to Rob Preston, so come along, bring friends, family and support the day.


This week, we hit the 172 members mark! The club continues to grow! This means we need to keep working at being inclusive and welcoming. If you’re an established club member, make it your business to introduce yourself to a new face, and make sure newbies are made to feel comfortable. If you see someone looking a bit lost or standing by themselves, just say hello. It’s not hard and it makes a world of difference to ensuring new members have a positive experience, and it gives people time to integrate and get to know the workings of the club. Remember how you felt when you first rocked up to the club (hopefully you were made to feel like you belonged).

IMPORTANT Harriers Dates

5 Oct Newborough Track Night (Volunteers needed)

8 Oct Memorial Run (12k & 6k Road Events, Morwell)

23 Nov Committee Meeting Note Date Change (after Chook Hill Run)

3 Dec King & Queen of the Mountain (30k Individual + Relay Teams, Mt. Tassie)

28 Dec & 4 Jan X’mas Break – No Harriers Thursday Runs

15 Feb 2024 Trivia Night DeGrandi’s Vineyard

24 March 2024 Community Fun Run


Please check the Summer Duty Roster and Thursday Run Schedule included in this newsletter.


Thank you to everyone who stepped up to mark a summer course. It’s a fantastic feature of this club, where getting people to volunteer to do the multiple jobs there are to make the club run smoothly, is not an issue. Members are more than willing to put up their hands to take on a task, knowing they appreciated and acknowledged.


On that, I forgot to mention Mark Fairbairn last week, who helped out with the Latrobe Sports & Rec Expo, as part of our amazing team. Thanks Mark, and again to all those who helped on our club stall.


A huge thanks to all members for their time and input into the club, for ensuring the jobs get done. Course marking, bringing lights and first aid box, organising lucky member prizes, marking courses, doing weekly duty, helping to set up events and presentations, along with the countless other small tasks which make the club a success and enjoyable for all.


Our priceless Course Markers for this season are Andrew Legge, PM, Gary Fox, Chris Van Unan, Clinton Jolly, Michelle Sawyer, Marieka Riley, Mandy Ellis, Liz Noble, Björn Lüxmann, Molly Irvine, Tobi Grzmil, Kathleen Kent, Kate Mayer, Pete Sanders and Angeline Snell.


Anyone who’d like to give course marking a go but is unsure of the process, have a chat with myself or Legge, and we can team you up to learn the ropes. It’s always better to do it with a friend.


There are 5 starting groups for Thursday runs. This saves congestion on footpaths at the start, and a mass of runners on roads in town. Club Handicapper Andrew Legge has grouped members into fair handicaps based on times (check the table in this newsletter or on FB). If you feel you need to be re-handicapped please have a chat to him. Handicaps are about members running in a group that is commensurate with the individual member’s time, so we all run in a group with similar times and ability. Handicaps are not a penalty. It spreads runners out at the start, so is safer, and means that members all finish around the same time. Handicaps are fluid and adjusted as required. Let those on duty know if there is a mistake so they can make note and can be rectified.


Make sure you get your name checked off the list BEFORE starting, making note of your group.

Group 1 (Walkers/Slower Runners) - Start Upon Arrival

Group 2- Start 5:50

Group 3- Start 6

Group 4- Start 6:05

Group 5- Start 6:10


Summer Season Rules

-Self Timing (please give time to duty member after you’ve finished the course).

-New Runners Always Welcomed (2 free runs before membership due).

-PLEASE check in with duty members and get your name marked off the list BEFORE you take to the course (Very important for safety so we know who is on course). Walkers still start upon arrival for winter season.

-Look after junior runners and newbies. Be careful on any public roads and at road crossings. Give way to traffic. Please run on the right hand side so you can see traffic, or preferably, on the footpath.

-Watch for obstacles on course. Summer runs are mainly on trails, which present multiple hazards; logs, holes, rocks, snakes, wildlife, dumped rubbish, slippery downhill sections, etc. Safety is the priority over times!


*All members please check the Duty Roster and make note of your rostered date. If you can’t do your allocated duty, it’s up to you to swap with someone or get a fill-in. If you’re not on the roster it’s because you’re a course marker, you don’t run Thursdays (only do AV or you’re a social member), you’re a junior member, late-in-the-season-joining new member, or you got lucky. That’s the benefit of having good membership numbers; you get to run more and only have to do one duty in a season. The idea is to make duty fun, it’s not a chore. It’s a great way to get to know other members and put names to faces. (NB: If you’re on duty, you can run early, do the course and put in your time). Those who do duty or course marking get bonus points in the championships each season.


*Duty Roster Winter 2023

REMEMBER: If you can’t fulfil your allocated duty, the onus is on you to swap with someone.

6 April Geoff Francis & Lee Francis

13 April Karen Graham & Catherine Leonard

20 April Michelle Colwell & Kathy Quinn      

27 April Darrell Cross & *Michael Walker

4 May Krissi Crieghton & Luke Witham

11 May Errol Poole & Angelo Gaudiano        

18 May *Nick Hodson & Kylee Earl

25 May David Hood & Andrew Broburg

1 June Claire McCumber & Emma Marino

8 June Ron Verschuur & Collette Hoffman

15 June Mark Fairbairn & Ian Cornthwaite

22 June Paul Rollandin & Nicholas Talerico

29 June Stephen Renehan & Andrew Panayiotou

6 July Kate Cumming & Clinton Jolly

13 July Glenn Graham & Kathleen Kent

20 July Trent Kooyman & Owen Notting

27 July Jason Odlum & Dale Murphy

3 Aug Kylie Murray & Rose Croft

10 Aug Michelle Sawyer & Maree Graham

17 Aug Katelyn Rowe & Felicity Beasley       

24 Aug Bjorn Luxmann & Paul Smith

31 Aug Tania Whitehead & *Adam Van Baalen

7 Sept David Barr & Josh Dalton

14 Sep Anthony Magaldi & Andrew Greenhill

21 Sep Gary Fox & Shane Gavin

28 Sept Liz Kenney & Matilda Lappin

5 Oct Newborough Track Duty Nick Hodson, Adam Van Baalen, Barry Higgins, Ian Heafield, Belinda Heafield, Heather Farley, Danelle Wright & Volunteers (injured, not running, please help out)


*Duty Roster Summer 2023/24 (Provisional; may change depending on Course Marker list).

REMEMBER: If you can’t fulfil your allocated duty, the onus is on you to swap with someone.

12 Oct Samantha McGown & Mandy Ellis

19 Oct Matilda Lappin & Claire McCumber

26 Oct Karen Graham & Stephen Renehan

2 Nov Michelle Colwell & Kathy Quinn          

9 Nov Sally Eenjes & Kylee Earl

16 Nov Edward Hunter (C&B Summersgill Champs) Krissi Creighton & Luke Witham & Miles Verschuur & Greg Semmler

23 Nov Andrew Panayiotou & Chesney Podmore     

30 Nov David Hood & Kate Cumming

3 Dec Peter Fairbairn & Paul Rollandin

7 Dec Catherine Leonard & Siyao Ma & Zoe Zhang

14 Dec Harriers X’mas Break-up PM & Legge

21 Dec Harriers X’mas Lights Run

28 Dec & 4 Jan No Run - X’mas Break

11 Jan Owen Notting & Nicholas Talerico

18 Jan Geoff Francis & Lee Francis

25 Jan Maree Graham & Collette Hoffman

1 Feb Darrel Cross & Kathleen Kent

8 Feb Adrian Clements & Alysha Duncan

15 Feb Jason Odlum & Mark Fairbairn

22 Feb Jay McGown & Nick Hodson

29 Feb Paul Smith & Josh Dalton

7 March Chris Francis & Felicity Beasley       

14 March Tania Whitehead & Helen Whitby

21 March TBC

28 March  TBC





*For those doing Thursday duty, please arrive by 5:40 at the start of the course. The list will be there provided by Handicapper Andrew Legge. You need to check-in all attending members (by highlighting their names) before they set off on course, and write in their times at the end. One person should be responsible for the list, the other should be on the clock and announcing start times for the groups (use your phone). Give each group a two minute, one minute and 10 second warning, and then a clear vocal start.


*Course markers should inform of any aspects on the course for safety, and you should be familiar with the course if there is a plotaroute (many summer trails don’t have them) so you can give directions especially to new runners (who you should make feel welcome and inform me of their attendance to give a shout out at the end). Plotaroutes are posted on the club’s FB page and Insta. The course marker should make note of any obstructions or obstacles and point them out at the start of the run and inform those on duty, who should communicate to each starting group.


Course Markers are to get white marking chalk (winter) or pink marking paint (summer) from Molly Irvine, preferably the week prior to your course at the Thursday run. Marking is dependent upon weather, and should be done just before the run to ensure clear, fresh arrows.


*In the event that weather is seriously inclement in winter (severe rain, gale force winds, extreme heat, lightening etc.) we may cancel the Thursday run, but traditionally, Thursday Harriers is run despite the weather. If it is too bad to run, we’ll notify cancellation via social media. If the weather is bad and we still run, we may just cancel doing lucky member draw and member’s address after, to avoid standing around in the cold. In that case, members can arrive, run, lodge times and go, with no need to stand around freezing.


*Traralgon Harriers Merchandise – Remember we’ve got club socks, caps, visors and beanies; socks come in women’s and men’s and are $15 for members ($20 for non-members), caps are one-size fit $20 ($25 non), and beanies are $20 for members ($25 for non). We also have running singlets at a cost of $30 for members. All merchandise is at a subsidised cost to members; we’re not trying to make money off these items, just provide another way for members to unify, identify and fly the club flag.


*Lucky Member Prize Draw after each Thursday run - All financial members are on the list. Remember you must be there to collect your prize otherwise it is re-drawn (This happens a fair bit, so don’t miss out - Don’t be a winner who leaves and therefore loses). The value of the prizes has gone up so it’s even more worth your while sticking around. Remember, the draw happens after the last runner is through and all times have been recorded. Thanks to Kaye Livingstone for organising the weekly prizes. Thanks to Kaye Livingstone for coordinating.


At the end of each Thursday run we also welcome and acknowledge any new runners who have joined us for the first time. If you see a new face, say hi, chat to them and make sure they stick around and feel welcomed. We seem to have new runners every week and a lot are actually joining after their 2 free runs.


Aside from our Thursday runs, club weekend events and AV team opportunities, the club also has 2 fantastic weekly training groups, one in the morning for early risers, and one in the evening, which everyone is welcome to join.


*T-Squad Weekend Sessions; usually Saturday mornings from 8:30am, at various locations with Greg Semmler. Join the FB Group “T Squad” for more details. This group has built into a really strong part of the Harriers, and aside from quality training, they enjoy breakfast together. Food is a great motivation!


*Tuesday Group Sessions; at the Little Aths Track, Davidson Street Traralgon from 6pm with me and a great team. Join the FB Group “Traralgon Tuesday Running Group” for more details. This group has been going for over 20 years, and is all about training (obviously) but also laughs, support and friendships. The camaraderie at TTRG is the thing that has seen it continue for so long, so if you haven’t come along to a session, put it in your diary.


The club newsletter is an important communication medium, and most members use it as a place to get updates, information and share stories. Our NL editors work hard to ensure it’s interesting, informative and relevant. Most members enjoy reading of other member’s adventures and inspirational journeys, so don’t be shy to share and shoot your articles, thoughts and running snippets through to Glen Crawford at [email protected]


Thought for the week:
"It’s easy to find excuses for not doing, difficult to find motivation, challenging to change habits, but impossible to reclaim time!"


Phill Mayer – President