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President’s Note 4-6-20

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President’s Note 4-6-20

10th May 2017

We’ve extended our discounted membership until Friday 5th June!

If you’re one of those stragglers, I encourage you to renew your membership now! After Friday, the rewards of being a Harrier still more than outweigh the usual annual fee.

The club has offered a full Year’s Membership for $80 for a Recreational Runner (plus $10 Athletics Victoria Membership) and membership numbers have boomed. The take-up has been excellent, with many new members joining, swelling our club list to the healthiest it has been at this stage of the year for some time.

If you haven’t renewed as yet, go to the Athletics Victoria Members Portal, and if you’ve been a member all your details should automatically appear. If you’re a new member, you’ll need to create an account. You select Traralgon Harriers Athletic Club and Recreational Runner and the discount will be automatically applied.

I caught up with past President Will Hanrahan for a peddle recently, and it was excellent to be able to talk with him about the positive position of the club. Clubs are built on the hard work, leadership, vision and legacy that people like my friend Willbury put in, and it’s important to acknowledge this work. In my time as a member, the club has had 5 past Presidents; David Griffiths, Todd Houghton, Will Hanrahan, Ben Bailey (one & a half years, left mid-way through 2nd term) and Tony Arrowsmith (as VP, took over as caretaker).

Each of these members bought their own energy and ideas to the club, and created a legacy in one form or another, and I’d like to acknowledge their input into building the club to where it is. The history of our club is rich and filled with wonderful examples of leadership, and if you look at the honour board, you can see many names that are still associated with the club. We must remember that they are all volunteers, and without their input and valuable contributions, we wouldn’t have a club. So, to all these members, and to the committees that have served the club, on behalf of all Harriers, I thank you for your energy and commitment in building such solid foundations.

The recent easing of restrictions has meant that groups of 20, plus coach and support staff, can get together for training. We are still a way off being able to reconvene Harriers Thursday runs, as the logistics of running multiple groups of 20, and fulfilling the directive requirements, would be too cumbersome to manage. We are not allowed to recommence competition as yet anyway, so we legitimately can’t time runs or organise any weekend events. We do however have contingencies in place for when the situation changes, both for Thursdays and for events like the Memorial Run and the Marathon. When we can, we will!

Thank you to everyone for their input into the newsletter with the “member profiles”. I know readers have been enjoying getting to know their fellow runners. Along with Twitey’s running notes and Barry’s historical articles, it makes for an interesting read, and helps keep us all connected. The club Facebook page and messenger have also been well utilised as a way to stay in contact.

As always, stay fit and healthy, stay positive – We’ll be back running together soon!

Phill Mayer

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