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Results – Lake Hyland – 6km

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Results – Lake Hyland – 6km

10th May 2017
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Location: Mathison Park Mackeys Road Churchill

Course Marker: Bob Duljas

Timekeeping and Clubrooms: Courtney French, Kay Frost, Tony Arrowsmith

(Intermediate Race 3.5km & Jun Race 1.3km)

Race Report:

Perfect running conditions treated runners for last weeks’ Harriers Thursday night run held at Lake Hyland, Churchill. The 6km course was also the final preparation run for many runners participating across various distances for the Melbourne Marathon running festival held on Sunday 13th. It was the first summer run for the new season featuring handicap system, involving scratch runners through to runners starting 18-minutes later – all in an effort to raise excitement but build competitiveness with runners of all abilities fighting it out at the finish line.

First place handicap was taken out by Tom Irvine (27:45), second place by Andrew Hood (30:28) and third by Ron Verschuur (35:04).

The fastest female on the night was Molly Irvine (25:37) who looks set for yet another successful summer and will take a power of beating from even the males with only one of them managing it Thursday. Karen Graham (34:19) was the second fastest female ahead of her Spartan status/milestone 10th Melbourne marathon on the weekend. The third fastest female was Kaye Livingstone (34:28).

The fastest male was Glenn Graham (24:30), followed by Darcy Linforth (25:50) crossing the line ahead of Marlon Misfud (25:51).

Tonight’s (Thursday 17th) Harriers run is the 6km Chook Hill run located off Maryvale road Morwell.


Tom Irvine (27:45), Andrew Hood (30:28), Ron Verschuur (35:04), Alfie Warner (32:10), Warren Shields (28:48), Helen Whitby (39:49), Molly Irvine (25:37), Ruth Duljas (41:14), Darcy Linforth (25:50), Marlon Misfud (25:51), Ann Bomers (42:17), David Hood (32:49), Jason Irvine (32:57), Glenn Graham (24:30), Phill Mayer (33:06), Bryan Cake (27:17), Steve McLeod (28:02), Kaye Livingstone (34:28), Michael Walker (33:05), Edi Murat (29:38), Miles Verschuur (27:38), Barry Higgins (39:01), Tim Buckley (37:25), Mandy Ellis (40:57), Andrew Legge (33:13), Ian Heafield (41:28), Gary Fox (34:49), Karen Graham (34:19), Callie Cook (42:29). Walkers: Belinda Heafield (55:22), Peter Grixti (55:22), Kathy Quinn (1:03:15), Michelle Colwell (1:03:15)


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