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Results – Stocky Road – 5km

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Results – Stocky Road – 5km

10th May 2017


With the end of daylight saving, the Harriers kicked off their winter calendar of runs with a canter around Stockdale Rd. The flat course saw Tom Irvine, who has recently been slowed by injury, return to his speedy form as he kept up with his sister, Molly, to come in first on handicap with a time of 21:33. The ever-speedy Biasi Silvestro was second on handicap, with Teresa Dixon third.

The run saw the same three speediest runners as last week. The consistency of Ian Cornthwaite (19:12), BIasi Silvestro (19:20) and Miles Verschuur (21:22) speaks volumes about their current good form.

For the women, triathlete Molly Irvine was the fastest (21:35), followed by Teresa Dixon (24:22) and Liz Kenney and Kay Frost who ran together to finish with a time of 24:32.

The Harriers finished the night with their AGM where they acknowledged the outgoing committee led by president Tony Arrowsmith and welcomed the new leadership team. 


Five – kilometre course:

Tom Irvine 21:33, Biasi Silvestro 19:20, Teresa Dixon 24:22, Jason Irvine 25:36, Michael Walker 25:53, Callie Cook 34:00, Ann Bomers 34:04, Darren Chester 26:11, Ian Cornthwaite 19:12, Phill Mayer 26:12, Tony Arrowsmith 21:27, Liz Kenney 24:32, Molly Irvine 21:35, Steve McLeod 21:54, Glenn Gates 24:08, Barry Higgins 30:22, Miles Verschuur 21:22, Gary Fox 24:31, Kay Frost 24:32, Andrew Legge 24:42, Pete Sanders 22:51, Sandra Byrne 28:58, Chester Goulter 36:09, Tania Whitehead 29:39, Peter Grixti 33:14, Mandy Ellis 35:08, Lynda Jones 36:09, Belinda Ruff 39:25, Sue Elsdon 29:36, Clinton Jolly 27:27, Michelle Sawyer 32:04.

5km run/walk:

Debbie Henry.

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