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Results – The Avenue – 6km

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Results – The Avenue – 6km

10th May 2017
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Location: The Avenue is of Morgan Drive Traralgon around Sanctuary Lake
Course Marker-Bob Duljas
Timekeeping and Clubrooms- TBA

Race Report

In a hectic week the Harriers confronted the weather gods last Thursday
evening before competing in the Victorian Cross-Country Relay Championships at
Jells Park on Saturday and tackling the Martin Thompson events on the Grand
Ridge Rail Trail on Sunday.
In a great day for the club the Harriers’ women’s team placed second at
the first round of the Athletics Victoria Cross Country season. Against some of
the best runners in the state, the team of Kate Sly, Sarah Lewis, Anna Cardillo
and Liz Kenney all excelled on the demanding 6 km Jells Park course and set an
exciting tone for the year ahead. In other results the men’s teams finished
7th and 10th in a high calibre field with rising talent Miles Verschuur posting an
outstanding time in his state debut for the Harriers.
After leading his relay team on Saturday Buln Buln farmer Peter
Cutler won the Martin Thompson championship next morning, running the 25 km
from Boolarra to Mirboo North and return along the Grand Ridge Rail trail in an
outstanding time.
Karen Graham won the women’s 25 km event, with rising talent Natalie
Comber and the ever-young Des Paynter taking outright victory in the 10 km
Also, on Sunday a handful of Harriers and locals, alongside 2000 other
runners, raced the Puffing Billy steam train along the 13.5 km course from
Belgrave to Gembrook through the Dandenong Ranges. Giuseppe Marino, in a
time of 1:19:24, beat Puffing Billy home by 20 seconds, with Frank Monacella
(1:24:27) a few minutes astern, just ahead of Rebecca Binding (1:25:17)
Results. Athletics Victoria Cross Country Championships,
Women’s Division 3: Melbourne University 1:32.04 (1st.); Traralgon
Harriers 1.44.03 (Kate Sly 24.13, Sarah Lewis 24.29, Anna Cardillo 28.21, Liz
Kenney 27.00). (2nd.)
Men’s Division 3: Traralgon Harriers 1:51.28 (Peter Cutler 20.48, Greg
Semmler 21.58, Michael Tripodi 20.56, Miles Verschuur 24.11, Mark Rossiter
23.35). (10th.)
Men’s Division 6: Traralgon Harriers 1:50.56 (Gerard Callinan 25.53, Tom
Irvine 27.50, Ian Twite 26.51, Georgia Callaway 30.22). (7th.)

Thursday evening The Avenue 6 km event, handicap results: Michael
Walker 30:39, Kris Vallak 30:40, Jason Irvine 31:10, Warren Shields 31:25, Edi
Murat 31:27, Phill Mayer 32:35, Michelle Sawyer 32:40, Glenn Graham 22:55,
Kaye Livingstone 33:20, Biasi Silvestro 23:37, Darrel Cross 23:58, Miles
Verschuur 24:42, Marlon Misfud 26:50, Tom Irvine 27:28, Joe Patrick 27:40,
Steve McLeod 28:06, Liz Kenney 28:20, Gary Fox 30:30, Peter Grixti 31:10,
Georgia Callaway 31:27, Ian Heafield 43:53, Teresa Dixon 34:10, Tim Buckley
(7.5 Km) 46:05, Bob Bickett 36:41, Belinda Heafield 50:40, Allison Triggs (6.75
Km) 56:45, Suzie Lewis (6.75 Km) 56:46.

Other Results:
Martin Thompson 25 km championship.
Peter Cutler 1:36:12, Jim Peachey 1:48:47, Mark Rossiter 1:54:31, Glenn
Graham 1:54:32, Karen Graham 1:58:04, Ellie Stubbs 2:00:41, Owen
Notting 2:02:55, Ian Twite 2:04:39, Greg Semmler 2:09:45, Travis
White 2:09:45, Georgia Callaway 2:16:50, Alfie Warner 2:27:25, Teresa
Dixon 2:28:08, Tamara Halkett 2:28:15, Teri Shaw 2:28:33, Kaye
Livingstone 2:31:30, Fiona Syme 2:39:12, Alison Spiers 2:39:12, Michelle
Sawyer 2:42:55.
Martin Thompson 10 km championship.
Des Paynter 40:13, Tim Green 43:04, Jay McGown 43:15, Clinton
Jolly 44:53, Charlie Twomey 46:39, Richard Jones 47:58, Nat Comber 48:40,
Michael Walker 50:08, Neil Firmin 50:11, Edi Murat 50:19, Tom
Cleaver 50:21, Georgia Pearson 50:53, Jo Hammett 51:19, Jason Irvine 52:03,
Mick Bolding 52:51, Rachael Massaro 54:46, Nenet Susa 54:47, Alison
Jones 57:35, Sarah Lewis 58:17, Harry Forbes 58:18, Simone Forbes 59:05, Rob
Embleton 59:12, Bob Bickett 1:01:22, Shae Baxter 1:02:51, Helen
Whitby 1:05:46, Barry Higgins 1:06:57, Des Farley 1:08:57, Michelle
Colwell 1:09:01, Kathy Quinn 1:11:06, Peter Grixti 1:12:27, Ian Heafield1:14:10,
Helen Reeves 1:17:22, Caz Lia 1:17:56, Kerry Peachey 1:18:35, Belinda
Heafield 1:30:37.
Submitted by Barry Higgins


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