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Results – Tour De West Traralgon – 6km

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Results – Tour De West Traralgon – 6km

10th May 2017
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Location: Harriers Clubrooms Cnr Douglas Parade and Grubb Ave Traralgon west Sports Complex.

Summer  Run  No. 18Tour De West             Traralgon6 Km
Run Finish PositionName Actual Time on clockHandicapHandicap time 
13Rob Embelton0:41:280:05:000:46:28
9Simon Hemming0:40:260:07:000:47:26
16Peter Grixti0:42:390:05:000:47:39
7Georgia Callaway0:39:280:09:300:48:58
20Ann Maloney0:43:260:07:000:50:26
28Melanie Riddle0:50:370:00:000:50:37
29Nathan Byrne0:50:390:00:000:50:39
19Tim Buckley0:43:250:08:300:51:55
1Michael Walker0:43:380:09:300:53:08
2Phill Mayer0:43:390:09:300:53:09
12Mike Jackson0:41:090:12:000:53:09
10Kaye Frost0:40:440:13:000:53:44
23Tania Whitehead0:45:560:08:300:54:26
6Arlia Whitehead0:42:450:12:000:54:45
18Liz Kenney0:43:160:12:000:55:16
22Teresa Dixon0:44:450:11:000:55:45
26Diana Van Rhine0:49:170:07:000:56:17
15Karen Graham0:42:280:14:300:56:58
24Tom Irvine0:46:190:11:000:57:19
8Sandra Byrne0:48:540:08:300:57:24
17Tony Arrowsmith0:42:430:15:300:58:13
4Warren Shields0:46:140:12:000:58:14
30Michelle Colwell0:57:210:01:000:58:21
11Biasi Silvestro0:41:280:17:000:58:28
21Steve McLeod0:43:560:15:300:59:26
14Glenn Graham0:41:290:18:000:59:29
3Gary Fox0:47:120:13:001:00:12
27Mandy Ellis0:55:310:05:001:00:31
25Pete Sanders0:47:190:15:301:02:49
5Edi Murat0:48:460:14:301:03:16
32Ian Heafield0:59:090:05:001:04:09
31Allison Triggs1:01:220:05:001:06:22
6Km Training Walk/Run 
Carol Summersgill0:56:10
Kathy Quinn1:03:27
Debbie Henry1:03:27
2.8 Training Run/Walk
Bruce Salisbury0:29:03
Barry Summersgill0:29:03
Bob Duljas0:24:03
Ray EllisNo Time available
Rick MannNo Time available
Mick BridleNo Time available


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