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Results – Water Tower (Traralgon Water treatment plant) – 5km

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Results – Water Tower (Traralgon Water treatment plant) – 5km

10th May 2017
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Location: Clubrooms Cnr Douglas Parade and Grubb Ave Traralgon west Sports Complex.
Course Marker- Diana Van Rhine
Timekeeping and Clubrooms- TBA
(Intermediate Race 3km & Jun Race 1.5m)


Water Tower 5km Handicap.

With the Douglas Parade clubrooms as the base, last Thursday’s Traralgon Harriers 5km handicap run traversed the housing estates north of Crosses Road before retracing the first km.

Winner of the main event in 24 min. 46 sec. was veteran athlete Michael Walker who has regained much of his old form during the last few months after a lengthy respite, whilst second and third places were clinched by the previous Thursday’s placegetters, Georgia Callaway and Phil Mayer.

A standout participant further back in the field and running amazingly for an octagenarian was Barry Higgins, 31:28. His poise and balance point to the far-reaching benefits of a continuing active lifestyle.

The fastest runners included Karen Graham 21:16, Kay Frost 21:52 and Liz Kenney 24:12 amongst the females, and Glenn Graham 18:34, Darrel Cross 19:04 and Ian Cornthwaite 19:25 for the males. Darrel Cross, despite numerous recent medical setbacks, is running particularly strongly and looks like having a very satisfying winter Athletics Victoria season.

This Thursday’s (21/3/19) handicap event is the Chook Hill 6km amongst the pine plantation off Old Melbourne Road and just up from the Water Factory north of Morwell.

Alternative distances offered will be 3km and 1km for juniors. Starting time is still 6pm but allow time for registration and warm-up.


WATER TOWER 5KM:  !4/3/19.  1/ Michael Walker 24.46. 2/ Georgia Callaway 25.06. 3/ Phil Mayer 26.02. 4/ Kris Vallak 26.03. 5/ Edi Murat 26.03. 6/ Sandra Byrne 29.15. 7/ Darrel Cross 19.04. 

8/ Chester Goulter 32.13. 9/ Kaye Frost 21.52. 10/ Alfie Warner 26.21. 11/ Biasi Silvestro 19.30. 12/ Glenn Graham 18.34. 13/ Bryan Cake 20.51. 14/ Tony Arrowsmith 20.12. 15/ Rob Embleton 27.14. 16/ Karen Graham 21.16. 17/ Ian Cornthwaite 19.25. 18/ Marlon Mifsud 21.30. 19/ Liz Kenney 24.12. 20/ Tania Whitehead 28.21. 21/ Tom Irvine 28.22. 22/ Teresa Dixon 26.24. 23/ Andrew Legge 25.08. 24/ Gary Fox 25.10. 25/ Ann Bomers 36.14. 26/ Barry Higgins 31.28. 27/ Ian Heafield 33.03. 28/ Pete Sanders 24.21. 29/ Nathan Byrne 37.45. 30/ Alison Triggs 34.08. 31/ John Jervis 38.49. 32/ Greg Arrowsmith 33.41. 33/ Rick Mann NT.   

 WALKERS: 1/ Kathy Quinn 48.58. 2/ Michelle Colwell 48.58. 4/ Belinda Heafield 53.35. 5/ Deb Henry 53.35. Bob Bickett (Not Timed) TRAINING: Mick Bridle (NT).


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