03/03/2016 Edward Hunter Reserve 5kM Handicap

Edward Hunter Reserve 5kM Handicap Results – 03/03/2016

The bushland trails at Edward Hunter Reserve in Moe was a wonderful location for last Thursday evening’s 5km race. The handicap event encompassed two hilly loops on twisting walking tracks through native bush with the lake as a focal point.

The course was thus satisfyingly demanding and always interesting, requiring mental commitment to maintain reasonable momentum to the top of the steep bits before holding on into the level sections and then recovering on the downs.

Surprisingly high humidity made the race even more challenging and left most participants dripping wet at the finish.

The variable terrain offered by this type of running is a great strength builder and less likely to incur overuse injuries and restricted flexibility from repetitive running action on hard, constant surfaces.

The handicap component was won by Annette Anderson in a net time of 33 minutes 7 seconds. Simone Forbes finished second in a resounding time of 24:24 – the fastest outright time amongst the females.

Tony Arrowsmith, embarking on yet another running comeback, finished third in 27:47

The three outright fastest females were: Simone Forbes, 24:24; Karen Graham, 24:49 and Sue Elsdon, 25:32.

Amongst the three quickest males were: Ian Cornthwaite, 20:25; Glenn Graham in a display of hill running strength, 21:05, finally turning the tables on ultra-competitive Bryan Cake, 21:23.

This Thursday’s (March 10th) race is the unforgettable Rob’s Rambler 6km handicap from Cats Drive, Traralgon South at 6pm.

This is a golden opportunity to escape the bitumen, concrete and boredom of town running/walking and experience the joys of tracks and the bush.

The public is invited to join in.

Please check in well before start time.

Further information:  www.traralgonharriers.org.au

Pos  Name  Time
1 Annette Anderson  33:07
2 Simone Forbes  24:24
3 Tony Arrowsmith  27:47
4 Warren Shields  24:53
5  Glenn Graham  21:05
6  Chris Gallivan  28:05
7  Bryan Cake  21:23
8  Ian Cornthwaite  20:25
9   Sue Elsdon  25:32
10  Todd Houghton  26:48
11  Mark Van Der Meulen  24:59
12 Edi Murat  25:06
13 Michelle Sawyer  27:37
14 Michelle Colwell  35:49
15 Karen Graham  24:49
16 Steve McLeod  22:50
17 Georgia Callaway  29:59
18 David Mann  29:00
19 Jenny Northe  26:03
20 Rick Mann  35:42
21 Barry Higgins  32:57
22 Angelina Diamente  31:09
23 Ryan S.  31:09
24 Andrew Legge  28:27
25 Pete Sanders  25:34
26 Jason Colier  38:11
27 Tania Whitehead  29:25
28 Mandy Ellis  36:32
29 Ann Bomers  39:36
30 John Jervis  39:59
31 Helen Reeves  42:12
32 Bob Duljas  36:32
33 Carly Lanigan  53:13.