06/10/2016 Newborough Track

Newborough Track 10,000m and 3000m championships – Thursday 6th October 2016

Last Thursday’s run was a special Harriers championship run, held at the Joe Carmody Athletics Track in Newborough. The event consisted of the 3000m novice and junior run, and the 10,000m run. The excitement of running on the track and the prospect of PBs due to the flat, consistent surface drew 43 keen runners to participate.

The 10,000m event was 25 laps of the 400m track. Whilst this may sound daunting to some, the encourage from onlookers and the constant contact with runners around the track allowed for a fun and friendly atmosphere whilst enjoying the perfect Spring evening. Peter Cutler took line honours for the men’s event in a speedy time of 35:46. Peter was closely followed by Steve Quirk only 20 seconds behind (36:26), and in third place was Ian Cornthwaite (38:31) who never shows any sign of slowing down. Young gun Riley Evans won the under 18 boys, crossing the line in 38:09. The women’s event was taken out by Molly Irvine, completing the 25 laps in 41:36. In second place for the women was Karen Graham (44:40), and then it was Jenny Northe in third place with a time of 45:58.

The 3000m event was short and fast, with the women’s novice event being won by track champion Georgia Pearson, in an impressive time of 12:13. Simone Forbes finished second (12:49), and third place was won by Diana Van Rhine in a time of 15:46. The men’s novice run was won by Ben Bailey in 11:11, showing his experience and knowledge of track running. Second place for the men’s novice was Paul Odgers (16:34) and third place went to Tim Buckley finishing in 18:25.

The junior girls event was won by Jemma Bailey (19:57) and in second place was Ameli Kraft-Murat (22:09). For the junior boys, it was Hunter Bailey in 16:45, followed by Nicholas Kraft-Murat (26:09). It is great to see these brother and sister duos becoming our next generation of runners.

This Thursday (13th October), we see the start of the Summer series taking off from Chook Hill on Old Melbourne Road, Morwell, just past the Water Factory. The run begins at 6.00pm, please arrive early to sign up with our volunteers. New runners and walkers are encouraged to come and have a go!

Summer Run No1 Newborough Track 10 km Class
Place Name Time  
3 KM
1 Ben Bailey 0.007766204
2 Georgia Pearson 0.008483796
3 Simone Forbes 0.008900463
4 Diana Van Rhine 0.010949074
5 Belinda Heafield 0.011435185
6 Hunter Bailey 0.011631944 Junior
7 Michelle Colwell 0.012048611
8 Jemma Bailey 0.013854167 Junior
9 Ameli Kraft-Murat 0.015381944 Junior
10 Deb Henry 0.017430556
11 Nicholas  Kraft-Murat 0.018159722 Junior
12 Tim Buckley 0.012789352 Started late , took their own times.
13 Paul Odgers 0.01150463
10 KM
1 Peter Cutler 0.024837963
2 Steve Quirk 0.025300926
3 Riley Evans 0.026493056 Under 18
4 Ian Cornthwaite 0.026747685
5 Simon Forbes 0.028240741
6 Bryan Cake 0.028344907
7 Tony Arrowsmith 0.028622685
8 Molly Irvine 0.028888889
9 Steve McLeod 0.028900463
10 Glenn Graham 0.029340278
11 Mark Van Der Meulen 0.030335648
12 Karen Graham 0.031018519
13 Gary Fox 0.031168981
14 Adrian Harper 0.031284722
15 Pete Sanders 0.031840278
16 Jack Callaway 0.031840278
17 Jenny Northe 0.031921296
18 Kayla Gallert 0.031956019
19 Edi Murat 0.032233796
20 Liz Kenny 0.034224537
21 Sue Elsdon 0.034305556 1 lap extra. Dunno why, ran out of fingers and toes maybe
22 Tania Whitehead 0.034525463
23 Jason Irvine 0.035034722
24 Bob Duljas 0.039108796 1 Lap short. My watch said 10 km so I stopped!!!
25 Helen Whitby 0.039664352
26 Georgia Callaway 0.040925926
27 Simon Hemming 0.041226852
28 Barry Higgins 0.041446759
29 Ian Heafield 0.043449074
30 Jason Collier 0.053321759