18/02/2016 Water Tower 5km




Water Tower/ Independent Way/ Gilmour Giddy 5km

Well what can I say? Some of us started out the right way, some of us finished the right way and some of us did it a whole different way. You will have to make up your own mind…

This week’s Thursday night run was scheduled to involve the Water Tower 5km course, however things didn’t quite go to plan…

Although the weather was on the positive side and attracted 61 runners (including four new faces), not one of us was able to complete the scheduled course as Police officers were refusing entry along Crosses Road.

Michelle Sawyer unfortunately learnt this the hard way as she was the first runner to the scene of the siege that was currently taking place. She stopped and asked the Police why we were not allowed to pass through? Apparently she was not worried about her own life, just her Thursday night run and stated to the Police “What about my run”? Only to be replied back to with an “I don’t care! Unless you want to get stabbed, I suggest you stand there and tell everyone to turn back”.

Michelle did not agree with the Police officer at all, and instead of staying put, she decided to do the right thing and sprint back to the clubrooms to inform all the other runners to not go down there as the road was blocked off.

So some of us who had already made it up to Crosses Road decided to run the Riverslea Boulevard/ Independent Way course as directed by Bob, while the majority of runners who had not yet left the clubrooms, were informed to complete the 3-lap Gilmour Giddy 5km course instead.

All in all, everyone still got out and was able to enjoy a run but as this 1 in 100 circumstance occurred, no times, distances, handicaps, pluses or minuses will be recorded.

On the plus side, next week’s run is the Cochrane’s Road 5km course, which starts at Cochrane’s Road located off Mattingley Hill Road, Traralgon South. The run starts approximately 2km down on the road to the right. The run begins at 6pm but please arrive at 5.45pm to sign in with our volunteers. The Harriers welcomes all runners of all abilities and further details about the club can be found on our website www.traralgonharriers.org.au