20/10/2016 Lake Hyland

Lake Hyland  Results- 20/10/2016

Last Thursday, the Traralgon Harriers visited Lake Hyland in Churchill for a beautiful 6km run followed by a club dinner at the Churchill Hotel. Runners completed one lap around the lake’s walking track followed by two larger laps around the high school and surrounds. The club dinner was a huge success with many people coming along for a meal and chat with fellow Harriers.

Winning the female handicap for the evening, and off the back of the Melbourne Marathon, was Liz Kenney in 29.38. Second on handicap was Simone Forbes (27.30) and in third place was Belinda Heafield (35.47). For the men’s handicap event, it was Tim Buckley taking out first place (32.52), followed by Simon Hemming and Ian Heafield in times of 33.31 and 36.12 respectively.

The fastest outright time recorded for the men was Steve McLeod, finishing in 24.36. Clinton Jolly was the second fastest male (25.56) and Darrel Cross came in third (26.48). Kathryn Preston took out the fastest outright female (26.37), then in second place was Simone Forbes (27.30) and third place was Molly Irvine (28.01).

On the night we also had 11 people complete a training run of 3.4km and one junior runner complete 1.8km.

This week’s run is ‘Rob’s Rambler’ at Morgan Drive in Traralgon South. The handicap begins at 5.50pm so please arrive ahead of time.

Steve McLeod  24:36
Clinton Jolly  25:56
Kathryn Preston  26:37
Darrel Cross  26:48
Simone Forbes  27:30
Molly Irvine  28:01
Mark Van Der Meulen 28:45
Sue Elsdon  28:47
Gary Fox  28:56
Georgia Pearson  29:08
Liz Kenney  29:38
Andrew Legge  29:58
Edi Murat  30:02
Phill Mayer  30:54
Tim Buckley  32:52
Simon Hemming  33:31
Jason Irvine  33:35
Angeline Diamente  34:09
Chris Vallak  35:05
Bob Duljas  35:22
Belinda Heafield  35:47
Ian Heafield  36:12
David Mann  36:26
Barry Higgins  37:18
Allison Triggs  37:34
Michelle Colwell  38:17
Georgia Callaway  38:34
Peter Grixti  39:16
Mandy Ellis  40:58
Helen Reeves  44:33
Jason Collier 51:57
3.4km run
Hunter Bailey (junior) 19:46
Harry Forbes (junior) 20:06
Diana Van Rhine 21:43
Kathy Quinn  26:14
Bruce Salisbury  27:08
Barry Summersgill  30:19
Deb Henry  31:47
Ray Ellis  31:47
Megan Harper  33:36
Helen Whitby  35:34
Denise Twite 37:33
1.4km junior run
Georgie Harper  12:1