24/08/2017 Independent Way 6km

Independent Way 6km Results – 24/08/2017

Independent Way 24/08/17

Last Thursday’s run took the Harriers to Independent Way in Traralgon for a 6km 3-loop course around Riverslea Boulevard, Independent Way and Graduate Place. Thirty-nine runners and walkers turned up for the event, which was followed by the monthly club dinner afterwards in the clubrooms. Another great social night for everyone to catch up and share a meal.

Winning the female handicap on the night was Teresa Dixon (29:47) who is showing fantastic form of late. Second place was won by Karen Graham (26:57) and third for the handicap was Mandy Ellis (35:51). The men’s handicap run was taken out by Tim Buckley (31:14), followed by Biasi Silvestro (24:54) and third in the handicap was Kris Vallak (28:00).

The fastest male outright was Biasi Silvestro, finishing the 6km in a time of 24 minutes 54 seconds. Clinton Jolly finished as second fastest male (25:46) and in third was Mark van der Meulen only 10 seconds later in 25:56. The ladies event was won by Karen Graham, blitzing the field in 26:57, followed by Teresa Dixon (29:47) and third fastest female was Kaye Livingstone (33:04).

In other events for the night, brother and sister duo Nicholas and Amelie Kraft-Murat ran the juniors’ 1.5km race in times of 10:15 and 10:49 respectively. Bob Duljas completed the 5km run in a time of 41:10, and Mel Riddle and Mao Iwata ran the 4km loop in times of 30:01 and 32:11 respectively. Mao joined us for her first Harriers run, and is staying in Traralgon for a few months all the way from Japan. Mao is teaching Japanese at one of the local schools. We look forward to having Mao run with us the next few months.

The next run will be held on Thursday 31st August at Phillip Street, Traralgon, and will include 1km, 3km and 5km runs.


Name Time
Biasi Silvestro 24:54:00
Clinton Jolly 25:46:00
Mark Van Der Meulen 25:56:00
Pete Sanders 26:34:00
Karen Graham 26:57:00
Edi Murat 27:47:00
Steve McLeod 27:54:00
Kris Vallak 28:00:00
Warren Shields 29:37:00
Teresa Dixon 29:47:00
Allan Timmer-Arends 31:06:00
Tim Buckley 31:14:00
Andrew Legge 31:33:00
Michael Walker 32:16:00
Phill Mayer 32:19:00
Jason Irvine 32:55:00
Kaye Livingstone 33:04:00
Jenny Northe 33:12:00
Michelle Sawyer 33:20:00
Sandra Timmer-Arends 33:21:00
Owen Notting 33:30:00
Bob Bickett 35:04:00
Georgia Callaway 35:07:00
Diana Van Rhine 35:32:00
Mandy Ellis 35:51:00
Sandra Byrne 35:56:00
Cintia Mateo 36:25:00
Angeline Diamente 36:43:00
Ian Heafield 38:46:00
Anne Johnson 38:53:00
Barry Higgins 39:17:00
Michelle Colwell 41:54:00
Ann Bomers 42:00:00
 Belinda Heafield  44:25:00


5km Run/Walk

Name Time
Bob Duljas 41:10:00


4KM Run/Walk

Name Time
Mel Riddle 30:01:00
Mao Iwata 32:11:00

1.5 Run – Juniors

Name Time
Nicholas Krafft-Murat 10:15:00
Amelie Krafft-Murat 10:49:00