26/01/2017 Lake Hyland 6 km

Traralgon Harriers Race Report 26.01.17

Traralgon Harriers Thursday night run coincided with Australia Day this year, so there was plenty to celebrate for their 6km run around Lake Hyland in Churchill. The Lake Hyland run never disappoints with some beautiful scenery and a lovely track to run, even the weather was perfect for the event.

There were plenty of new runners to join in the festivities and finishing in great times, with Nat Comber (34.20), Josh Harding (36.01), Courtney Gallert (23.19), Shirley and Leslie Buckley in (31.35). We love it when people join us while they are working back up to the 5 and 6 km runs who either complete the short course or walk the full course, these included Courtney Gallert, Barry Summersgill, Bruce Salisbury, Shirley Buckley, Lesley Buckley, Ray Ellis, Margaret Salisbury, Carol Summersgill, Susan Poole and Diana Van Rhine.

The first female on handicap this week was Belinda Heafield in 36.22 who has been improving every time she steps out for a run. She was followed by Kayla Gallert in 29.44 and Michelle Sawyer in 32.02. The male runners led by Adam Hogan in 29.32, Mark Van Der Muelen in 26.23 and Peter Reeves third in a time of 41.39.

The fastest three men were Ian Cornthwaite, Steve McLeod and Tony Arrowsmith who came home with times of 24.08, 25.52 and 26.15, respectively. The fastest women were Kayla Gallert in 29.44, Michelle Sawyer in 32.02 and Tania Whitehead in a time of 34.18.

The next run is at Cochranes Rd, Traralgon South (off Mattingley Hill Rd). The Thursday night runs are for all ages and abilities, ranging from 1 km to 6 km running circuits. If you are interested in seeing what Harriers is all about come and joins us. For more information, visit our website www.traralgonharriers.org.au

Ian Cornthwaite 24.08
Steve McLeod 25.52
Tony Arrowsmith 26.15
Mark Van Der Meulen 26.23
Richard Comber 27.11
Gary Fox 29.21
Adam Hogan 29.32
Kayla Gallert 29.44
Susan Poole 29.49
Chris Vallak 31.05
Phill Mayer 31.17
Michelle Sawyer 32.02
Tim Buckley 33.4
Tania Whitehead 34.18
Nat Comber 34.2
Josh Harding 36.01
Belinda Heafield 36.22
Ian Heafield 37.01
Bob Duljas 37.42
Barry Higgins 37.48
Mandy Ellis 39.5
Peter Reeves 41.39
Jen Comber 43.05
Melanie Riddle 44.17
Helen Reeves 46.37
3.5km course:
Courtney Gallert 23.19
Barry Summersgill 26.12
Bruce Salisbury 27.16
Shirley Buckley 31.35
Lesley Buckley 31.35
Ray Ellis 31.35
Margaret Salisbury 33.54
Carol Summersgill 33.54