27/10/2016 Rob’s Rambler

Rob’s Rambler – 2016

Thursday’s run was the challenging yet scenic ‘Rob’s Rambler’ course, a 6km single circuit track that winds through the logging trails of Traralgon South. The first kilometre is a flat warm-up, the next few kilometres bringing some steep hills and the last kilometre sent runners flying downhill to the finish line. All up, a fantastic workout and the chance to get out of town and run the beautiful hills of Gippsland.

We had 41 runners and walkers of all ages and abilities complete the course. Newcomer Tamara Howitt finished with a time of 49:33, a fantastic first run with the club. We welcome her back for another run next week.

For the summer handicap event, the winner for the men on the night was Nick Finch (23:10), in second place was Riley Evans (22:11) and third place in the handicap event went to Tim Buckley (34:17) who has been very consistent with his placings over the last few months. For the ladies, it was Sue Elsdon winning the handicap with 30:24, followed by Kathryn Preston and Kayla Gallert with times of 28:21 and 30:02 respectively.

The fastest female home was Kathryn Preston, running an impressive time of 28:21. Kayla Gallert was the second fastest female with 30:02. Kayla recently won her age group in the Melbourne Marathon, an outstanding achievement at 19 years of age. Next it was Sue Elsdon, recording the third fastest time for the females in 30:24.

The male event was unbelievably fast, with the quickest outright time recorded by the very talented Riley Evans. Riley completed the 6km course in 22:11, an average of 3min 40sec kilometres. Only a minute behind was Nick Finch with another fast time of 23:10 and the third fastest male was Steve McLeod, 26:11.

Next week’s run will see the Harriers venturing over to Newborough. The run begins in Botanic Drive, please arrive around 5.45pm to have your name marked off.

Traralgon Harriers is a running club for everyone. Feel free to join us one Thursday night for a run or walk and experience the friendly, supportive atmosphere that is Traralgon Harriers.

Riley Evans  22:11
Nick Finch  23:10
Steve McLeod  26:11
Clinton Jolly  26:43
Pete Sanders  27:01
Biasi Silvestro  27:35
Kathryn Preston  28:21
Glenn Graham  28:30
Warren Shields  29:31
Kayla Gallert  30:02
Sue Elsdon  30:24
Edi Murat  30:44
Gary Fox  31:07
Karen Graham  31:43
Tania Whitehead  33:33
Tim Buckley  34:17
David Mann  34:23
Bob Bickett  35:55
Chris Vallak  35:57
Phill Mayer  36:00
Kaye Livingstone  36:38
Georgia Callaway  38:35
Diana Van Rhine  38:39
Helen Whitby  39:01
Bob Duljas  39:23
Allison Triggs  39:52
Michelle Colwell  40:37
Mandy Ellis  41:13
Peter Grixti  41:20
Tanya Rong  41:34
Lynda Jones  43:29
Ann Bomers  45:19
Helen Reeves  47:03
Tamara Howitt  49:33
Jason Collier  59:13
4km training run
Hunter Bailey  26:18
Bruce Salisbury  34:05
Barry Summersgill  36:10
Ray Ellis  40:50
Kathy Quinn  42:23
Jaclyn Quinn  42:23