Cochranes Road 5km 10/12/2015

Traralgon Harriers Race Report 10.12.15

Ideal conditions for a relaxing summer run in the bush off Cochrane’s Road last week, sun shining with a warm evening to top it off. As usual the run starts with a daunting hill within the first 1 km but once you start climbing it is over before you know it. The track then meanders through pine plantation and remnant bush looping back to near where the run started.

It was also encouraging to see a few new faces with Nic and Pasquale Pugliese. Nic ran for the first time last week and this week both father and son ran great times (27.56 and 32.37) and we hope to see them back through the summer series. There were also a couple of walkers this week, Ian Heafield and Bob Duljas, we hope to see them back running with us soon.

First female runner home on handicap was Kayla Gallert in 24.44 followed by Anna Cardillo, 27.53 and Kathryn Preston in 23.10, with the male runners led by Trevor Nelson in 22.44, Tyler Morley in 20.17 and Guri Soni third in a time of 31.00.

Riley Evans, Tyler Morley and Charlie Twomey were fastest males home with times of 19.31, 20.17 and 21.08, respectively. Fastest ladies home were Molly Irvine in 22.34, Kathryn Preston in 23.10 and Karen Graham in 23.31.

Next week’s 6km run is our Xmas Run starting at the clubrooms on Douglas Parade, 5.50 pm. Traralgon Harriers welcomes runners of all abilities, for details about club activities see our website

Name  Time
Riley Evans 19.31
Tyler Morley 20.17
Charlie Twomey 21.08
Glenn Graham 21.1
Steve McLeod 21.51
Colby Morley 22.01
Bryan Cake 22.19
Biasi Silvestro 22.25
Molly Irvine 22.34
Trevor Nelson 22.44
JP Meyer 22.59
Kathryn Preston 23.1
Karen Graham 23.31
Hillary Meyer 23.54
Andrew Legge 24.14
Owen Notting 24.18
Jenny Northe 24.41
Sue Elsdon 24.42
Kayla Gallert 24.44
Gary Fox 24.48
Michael Duck 25.13
Pete Sanders 26.03
Allan Timmer-Arends 26.07
Michelle Sawyer 26.13
Phill Mayer 26.57
Todd Houghton 27.06
Anna Cardillo 27.53
Pasquale Pugliese 27.56
Katie Ryan 28.33
Angelina Diamente 29.17
Col Metcalf 30.31
Kate Mayer 30.49
Guri Soni 31
Helen Whitby 31.18
Belinda Heafield 31.45
Nic Pugliese 32.37
John Jervis 33.23
Sarah Hill 33.39
Allison Triggs 33.51
Bob Bickett 34.1
Rick Mann 35.06
Lynda Jones 35.46
Michelle Colwell 37.01
Belinda Ruff 37.42
Anne Davidson 39.02
Helen Reeves 39.36
Bob Duljas 34.09
Ian Heafield 42.21