Traralgon Harriers Club Membership for season 2016-2017 is now due and available online at the Athletic Victoria (AV) web site Before you start please read the following outline carefully to ensure you are selecting the most appropriate membership category.

Traralgon Harriers Membership Fees 2016-17

An important aspect of our membership is that you are covered with personal injury insurance through Athletics Australia. All members must read and understand the terms and conditions as part of the entry process, don’t just tick the box.

The basic premise of the proposed new fee structure is that Adult Harriers pay $60 to the club on top of the AV fees and Juniors pay $30.  Juniors are entitled to receive a free harriers singlet worth $55 and Adult members can purchase 1 singlet at a discount price of $25.  The fee structure is explained below.

If you wish to sign up to run Athletics Victoria Events on a regular basis you must select one of the these three categories.  For the benefits of a full an Athletics Victoria membership refer to the Benefits of Joining section on the AV membership page.

Comparison of the years 2015/16 2016/17
Open Adult Athletics Victoria $200 $160*
Under 18/20 Athletics Victoria $155 $110*
Under 14/16 Athletics Victoria $135 $110*

*In addition to the above fees AV participants can select the additional packages which is a user pays system.

Athletics Victoria Membership Fee


XCR package Track & Field package (10 Rnds Shield and Final) Both (XCR & Track & Field)
Athlete – Open** $100 $125 $125 $200
Athlete – Junior** $80 $100 $100 $175
Athlete – Dual $60 $75 $75 $125

If you wish to run only Traralgon Harriers events select one of the following categories.

Comparison of the years 2015/16 2016/17
Recreational Runner (Formerly Social Adult & Associate) $90 $100
Recreational Runner Under 20 (Formerly Social U20) $65 $70

The benefits of this membership category are:

  • A weekly timed 5 or 6km event every Thursday Night
  • Significant ($5 or $10) discount entries to our major and minor events across the year 8 per year
  • Free Social Dinner 8 per year
  • Discounts from Club Sponsor Foot and Ankle Clinic and The Athletes Foot
  • A friendly and inclusive social running club with a range of events across the year
  • Opportunities to volunteer with the club and our community events

If you are a Little Athletics Member and would like to be a member Traralgon Harriers as well select one of the following categories.

*Dual Member 11-14 years on 31/12/16    $65     $70

*NB.  LAVic Athletes must nominate a LAVic Centre on this form in order to be eligible for this membership, and in claiming this membership type, no other discount may be claimed.


A Family of 3 or more athletes is entitled to a family discount of $15, however this is not applicable to Youth and Dual because they are already discounted.

Now click AV Membership Portal for more information and to join.  Hint: If you are renewing, your username is likely your email address but if you are unsure or strike difficulty, just click on ‘forgot username’ or ‘forgot password’ as applicable.

The A.V. XCR16 Winter Season is an exciting series of races which the Traralgon Harriers are strongly involved with.  We invite all runners to consider becoming part of our A.V. team.  A series of 9 races, Cross-Country and Road, Individual and Relay for all runners young and old.  For more information about the benefits of running in these races click here

The A.V. Winter Handbook gives a detailed run down on all races that make up the XCR Winter season.  View the full handbook here

New Runners

A very warm welcome to all new runners and prospective members of our club. We hope that you find it a friendly and supportive environment and that you decide to join up as a member.

Many runners introduction to the Traralgon Harriers is through one of our Thursday night runs.  When runners first start with the Harriers they are allowed two free runs, to decide whether they want to continue running with us.   After this it is very important that you join up as a member immediately as we need you to be insured against any accidents that could occur.

The club is affiliated with Athletics Victoria (AV), and we are covered under their insurance policy for all members and it is a requirement that all runners participating in sanctioned (ie. club) activities are insured (members).  A large part of the membership fee goes towards your insurance coverage and AV expenses while a small part of the membership fee is for our club administration, development and running of events.

If you want to become a member or have any questions about it read the rest of this information and/or talk an existing member or one of the committee.   Click here to become a member with our club via the Athletics Victoria Website.

There are six different levels of Athletics Victoria Membership: Athlete; Official; Youth; Dual; Associate; and Coach.   Many new members initially only compete in club events such as Thursday nights.  People in this category should join as an Associate Member.  Those interested in competing in Athletics Victoria competitions (see details on the Athletics Victoria Events Calendar) need to join up as an Athlete in the relevant age group.   There is further explanation of all categories on the AV website.

Thursday night runs are the backbone of our club and are also one of the most important social elements.  Hang around after the runs and get to know your fellow Harriers.  For runs at the clubrooms, particularly in winter, everyone gets together in the clubrooms at the end of the run for a chat and something to eat and drink.  We encourage you to read the rest of the website to learn about the range of other events, training and social opportunities that are available to members of our club.  Pictured above, some of our members enjoying a free meal and social gathering at the monthly social night dinners.  Check the calendar for details.

Our calendar and  newsletter are great sources of information about upcoming events and stories about recent club, AV and other events. Paper copies are available after the Thursday night run but if you would like to receive one via e-mail each week send your e-mail address to our Newsletter Editor to Ian “Twitey” Twite ( and ask to be put on the distribution list.

We hope that you enjoy your Harriers experience and decide to become a member of our proud club.

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